VZW31-SN Z-Wave 2-1 Red Series 3-Way Dimmer w/Association

I’m trying to get two VZW31-SN Z-Wave 2-1 Red Series switches working on both sides of a 3-Way switch. The wiring aspect isn’t a problem. The issue I need help with is figuring out how to configure Z-Wave Associations through Home Assistant using Z-Wave JS.

I see several references to parameter 12 in similar topics posted here, but parameter 12 on the VZW31-SN is ‘Auto Off Timer’. The only option related to associations is parameter 59.


However, it’s not clear to me where or how to associate this device to another node. For whatever it’s worth, I’m running Home Assistant 2023.7.2 with Z-Wave JS 0.1.84.

Turn on both of those for the “master” device that you will control via your hub. Leave the “2” one off one the other one.

Associate groups 2-4 between the 2 devices. You do it on the groups menu on the left when you expand the data for the device.