Weather Alert app for Hubitat-Great for Blue Series 2:1 Switch

I can’t provide support, but I’ve created a handy Hubitat app and driver that polls the National Weather Service for weather alerts.

Then, you can trigger LED notifications based on weather alerts.

That’s a great use for the Blue series 2:1 switches!!


Awesome! Just got to wait for delivery!


Presumably those with Reds could also use it?

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Works with whatever!

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FYI: To be clear. This app has nothing to do directly with any particular piece of hardware.

What this app does is monitor the local weather for specific events and, when they occur, it puts the information in appropriate attributes in the associated “virtual device”. By triggering on those attributes (“custom attributes”) using Rule Manager, you can trigger any actions you want (such as, setting LED Strip notifications on Inovelli dimmers)!!

And, that is exactly why I wrote this: so I could trigger on weather events and display special “notifications” on my Inovelli Red Series dimmer switches (and, now, the Blue series ones as well).

The Inovelli dimmers truly make incredible “status” notifications and having several in key, visible locations is amazing!

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It would be cool if you could have the notifications (Blue series only) imitate the weather pattern. e.g. rain would cause the LEDs (Blue color) to individual chase downward to look like rain. Snow could be the same, but white LEDs. ETc…

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You can easily do that. What OP is saying is that this app simply acts as a trigger device for weather events. So it should be quite simple to setup a rule when the weather device says XYZ, set these notifications on your switches.

Oh I got that. I was more or less hoping there could be a Weather Notification built into the firmware. As of right now, I don’t think I can select a slow chase or whatever the animation would be as a default notification.

I pinged Eric this am about a ‘falling’ and ‘rising’ set of animations (since chase is going to basically bounce up and down) and what’s involved in us getting more of them for stuff like this. No idea how plausible that’d be, but if we had those to work with it would probably be straightforward enough to pair with something like this to get the desired end result.

I don’t think there’s be a way to get it built-in, since that would always have to receive the weather data from somewhere (hub), and would be a niche use-case for the notifications.

I know “chase” is a notification option, but no way to adjust the speed. As @chack suggested, a “rising/falling” animation would be kinda cool. Falling would be perfect for rain/snow and you could use the app by OP as a trigger. I wouldn’t expect it on launch-date, but it may be possible for future firmware. Eric would be able to answer that one for sure. But “Chase” is definitely an option for now. The open/close one may work as well.

This is also an interesting point. I don’t think there’s any way to adjust the notification speed, but maybe a ‘slow falling/slow rising’ pattern as an option as well (kind of like what slow blink or pulse is to fast blink)?

This is a baller idea man. If we can’t get it for v1 we certainly need it for v2.