Website DH/SA Code Install Recommendation

Hey All, receiving my holiday pack in the mail today and VERY excited to start my adventure into reworking a few circuits into smart circuits. Up until now I have used bulbs and/or external plugs so this is a new adventure.

On to the recommendations:
I was referencing the website today to have my setup ready, and as I understand it there are a few components needed:

  1. Device Handlers - I would like to see the instructions have you link to the InovelliUSA/SmartThingsInovelli github repository instead of a copy/paste. This way code updates as issued by your team will be available to the user. I have to assume over time there will be modifications/additions/etc. I’ve set mine up via adding the github repo to my smartthings IDE and installed straight from the source. This way I can update whenever the github is updated. It think this should be the recommended installation strategy.

  2. SmartApp #1 - ABC Manager - again, I’ve added the paulsheldon/SmartThings-PS github to my repo list to receive automatic updates. This one I published

  3. SmartApp #2 - ABC Child Creator - same repo as #2, but this one in their code is supposed to NOT be published. Same philosophy (I can see updates and choose to apply as improvements are made) but this one I did NOT publish.

Each of the above are “better” solutions in my opinion for receiving improvements straight from the source, and could be clarified in the installation instructions on the main website with a secondary non-preferred option of copying and pasting the code from the site into the ST IDE.

Please let me know if you have questions/comments/clarifications on my installation method, and THANK YOU to all of the hard working individuals who have done coding work and brought such amazing tech into my home!

There is a new version of ABC Controller coming in the next few days which will add Red Series including button 7 (config).

Also addition for Sonos control, updated fan controls and a few bug fixes

Exciting! Thanks for the update. @Eric_Inovelli does any of the above make sense?