What does this string for my Blue 2-1's firmware version mean?

I want to check the version of my Blue 2-1 switch, which I have integrated into Home Assistant using ZHA.

This guide says that the firmware version will be reported on the device page. However, when I follow those directions, I don’t get “2.15” or a similar string, I get “Firmware: 0x0102020b”.

What firmware version is my switch using? And out of sheer curiosity, why might it be reported this way instead of what’s shown in the help docs?

I’m have zwave so it might be different, but can you do something like “reinterview” the switch or refresh the values? Also restarting your zigbee addon might be worth a shot. Sometimes the controller gets bad info and needs a refresh.

See: ZHA Firmware Update Guide

Search for “hex” and/or “sw_build_id” in that thread. It takes a couple extra steps to read the firmware version in decimal format.


My apologies for leaving this thread hanging. Thank you, this helped.

Specifically, this is what I followed:

After the LED on the switch is done flickering a progress bar, check/refresh the device in ZHA. To check the version string, click the “hamburger” icon next to the Reconfigure text on the device page and select Manage zigbee device.

Pick the Basic “Cluster” from the dropdown that appears, and select the sw_build_id attribute. Click Read.

It revealed that my firmware version is 2.11. Guess I have some updates in my future!