What exactly is re:do and how does it work vs normal returns?

I went to make an order and re:do was automatically added. I don’t see any good description for it.

Looks like an alternative to try out a device or cheaper returns if needed. Click on the information :information_source:.

I’m struggling to understand the meaning of “Free for $1.98” :thinking:

Free returns for store credit or $1.98 for returns? Idk. Maybe it’s a new Shopify thing.

I think it’s “Pay $1.98 now and that buys you free unlimited future returns for exchange or store credit”, but :man_shrugging:

@Courtney_Inovelli can you explain the redo option?

@Eric_Inovelli is the one who set it up, but basically it’s just an option you can add to your purchase that allows you to pay $1.98 to cover your costs if you think you might want to return the product. If you decide you want to return it (within our return policy window) you will just pay the $1.98 and get the shipping label (which is usually minimum $4-5 for one unit) for the cost of the $1.98. It’s a good deal if you order 10 units and then need to return them - that could easily be $10-15+ in shipping costs.

I’d say if you’ve purchased from us a lot and you don’t think you’ll have any issues, no need to select it. This does not apply to warranty claims where we will send you the label if the product is truly defective. This is for returns only.

We’re re-working some of our return and warranty procedures so we decided to add this feature as it doesn’t cost us anything as a business. The money goes straight to re:do and they furnish you the label at their own costs if you do decide to return.


@Courtney_Inovelli summed it up perfectly :slight_smile: