What happened to rewards?

I got my AUX switch and it had this lovely message in it but the rewards URL is dead :frowning:


“Short code does not appear to exist.”

I searched the forum and see some talk of the program but only it’s introduction.

I believe the most recent update is this one: Rewards redemption - #3 by Courtney_Inovelli

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Is it still a thing, or is that just for people with leftover points to redeem them?

If you have leftover points you can redeem them. Otherwise we got rid of the program.

Ah OK, got it. I was about to make a big order and just wanted to check if I’d be missing out on getting reward points :grin: sounds like I don’t need to worry about it

Where do we check leftovers? I have enough for a switch or two but I’m not sure exactly…

You can just PM me and I’ll look!