What is the Difference Between Dim Speed and Ramp Rate?

I’ve read the descriptions and I’ve played with the settings, but I would like to know more details…
Both say they affect how fast the dimmer operates. Ramp Rate says it should be 101 to “keep in sync with Parameter 1” What’s parameter 1? and why does settinging it to 101 matter and why can’t I tell the difference if I set it to the same value are Dimming Speed?

Diimming Speed & Dimming Speed (From switch) why are the values different? Do any of these values equate to seconds with some math magic?

If I can avoid it, I’d rather not have to test and compare each setting to “check” if it’s doing what I want. I know what I want and I want to tweek the settings like I knew what I was doing, instead of hmmm yeah that “seems” right. Any good details on this would be really appreciated!

Love the support and I’m enjoying the switches!

Flashing Pink when the Doors are unlocked made the wife very happy. :slight_smile:

Ramp rate is the speed in which the light goes from on to off or from off to on (the fade in/fade out time). Setting it to 0 will cause the switch to behave more closely to an on/off switch (instant on, and instant off). Setting to a value other than 0 will cause the light to fade in or out over a number of seconds.

Setting these values to 101 is just a way to keep these 4 values in sync with each other, that way you only need to change 1 value to affect both the dimming speed and ramp rate.

Parameter 1 is the Dimming Speed (via zwave. I think the manual has it mislabeled as the dimming speed from switch)

  • Dimming Speed (From Switch) affects how quickly the brightness will change when holding down the paddle buttons. It roughly equates to the number of seconds it would take to go from 100% to 0%
  • Dimming Speed affects how quickly a change in brightness occurs over zwave. If set to 10, it will take 10 seconds to go from 100% to 20% brightness. It will also take 10 seconds to go from 80% to 75% brightness. My personal preference is to set this to 0, so that changes in brightness occur right away.

I set mine up as follows:

  • Dimming Speed: 0 (instantly change brightness over zwave)
  • Dimming Speed (From Switch): 3
  • Ramp Rate: 0 (do not fade in or fade out when turning light on or off over zwave)
  • Ramp Rate (From Switch): 0 (do not fade in or fade out when turning light on or off from switch)
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This is exactly how I have mine as well but they still fade in and out when turning on over zwave. Everything else works as it should.