What is the difference between Free and Flat Rate Shipping


I can’t seem to find the information on this forum or website regarding the difference in the shipping price. How is the $8 shipping different from Free. I want to order multiple light strips today but wanted to know if it’s worth paying for it in terms of the time it takes to arrive.


@Courtney_Inovelli @Brianna_Inovelli ?

Thank you - I went ahead and bought it but this literature should be available on the website. also mine was above $100 so what’s the difference between flat rate vs free.

I think the flat rate shipping is for orders under $100 it’ll ship for a flat rate ($8.00) no matter the weight. :man_shrugging:t2:


Correct -

Anything under $100 is charged a flat rate shipping fee of $8. Anything over $100 gets free shipping.

There are a few people in the forum who have an error on their account and it always charges them the $8 even if their order is over $100. If that is your case you can email us and we will refund the $8.

I did refund your $8.00.

Hi, @Courtney_Inovelli Thanks for the reply( and the refund). The intention was not to get the $8 but to understand the difference. It wasn’t the case with me, I had the option to select between the two, was curious if it will get me faster if I select flat rate.

No, it will unfortunately not get to you faster - that’s why I did the refund. We generally only ship USPS but I don’t think their transit times are too long right now so you should receive within 3-7 business days.

I do see why people could think that is an option though - I will see if there is a way we can change it on the site to make it more clear. Sorry for the confusion!

No worries @Courtney_Inovelli Thanks for clarifying it. I am excited to try inovelli products, have heard a lot and the reviews I read have been great. I hope there will be deals during thanksgiving for me to buy more :slight_smile:

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