What is the quickest way to turn on the light strip?

My use case is much like the old tennis ball on a string in the garage to tell you when you should stop your car. Instead of the tennis ball. I have an infrared sensor at the garage door turning on this light strip when the beam is broken and turning it off when the beam is open again. So my wife will only bring the car in as far as it needs to be. Allowing me room to get to the beer fridge…

So, I’ve seen that some of the pixel effects are quicker than others. I’m using pixel effect 36 now. The strip also seems like its slow when I want a color instead of just white. Ideally I would like to have it go green when the beam is broken and as soon as it opens again flash red then off.

Suggestions on the way to get the fastest color green? Red?


Whether or not you can do that fast enough to properly prevent the beer fridge from an untimely death may depend upon which hub you’re using.

Which hub??


:slight_smile: Hubitat C7

Seems like an easy rule machine. If sensor open then set color green else if sensor close then set color to red or something like that. Do you have a screen shot of your current rule?

Using Node-red. I’m mostly wondering which function of the strip is the quickest. some of the capabilities of the LED’s seem like fading functions which seemed slower.

Is there a reason you’re using effects at all? My guess is that a simple “Set Color” command would be the fastest method (which should be do-able by any standard app on Hubitat capable of handling lights/bulbs; I’m sure there’s a way to do this in Node-RED, too, but I don’t use it so don’t know). I’d start there before I went with effects, though I suppose the flip side is that you’d need to set it back to a regular color temperature (or whatever you want) when you’re done.