What switch will work for controlling on/off bathroom fan and light

Looking for a switch ZigBee or ZWave that can turn off/on the bathroom fan and light (No dimmer needed). House is USA 1950 probably no neutral wire in most of the outlets.

Please see the picture attached of the wiring.
1 Black wire- Hot
1 Black wire- Turns the light on/off
2 White wires connected together via a wire nut

Is the fan/light one unit and turn on together?

If so a Red or Black (zwave) On/Off switch would work.

If you want zigbee, officially you’ll need to wait until the fan switch is released.

Fan and light are separate units but they to turn on at the same time. I guess I need a fan wire in the outlet as well to control them separately. What is the zwave switch you mentioned and the new one thats releasing soon ?

I have 3 separate bathroom fans each on a Red series switch. They have been working great for years.

The Z-Wave switch is the Red series LZW30-SN. That will work for your configuration since you do have a neutral and the switch is rated for a motor load.

The soon-to-be released Blue 2 in 1 switch is a Zigbee switch, but it is not rated for a motor load, so that will not work for your configuration because of the fan load. There is a Zigbee fan switch under development, but it is not available yet.

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Like the above folks said ^.

One thing you may consider if units are separate is using a relay and then utilize scenes to turn on light or fan.

I’m not sure how your units are wired. Sounds like it goes to the first box (fan or light) then to the next device.

I have a bath fan with built in light. Luckily there’s two switches to control each function.

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