Whats the voltage drop across the LZW31-SN Red?

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On various spec sheets for Lutron dimmers, it claims that the voltage drop across the dimmer can be between 5-10V. Do they mean that the bulb itself is receiving a voltage drop in order to dim it? Or is the voltage decreasing on the line? Pardon my misunderstanding of basic circuits.

My question is, if my Red Series is the first switch in the line, will the next switch in series receive potentially less than 120V? The reason why I ask, is that the next switch is controlling a bathroom fan that requires 120V for proper operation, not 110V. Thanks in advance for any replies! inb4 buy the inovelli fan/light.

I think what Lutron is trying to say is that there is a voltage drop between the input (line) and the output (load). But when you wire multiple switches, you are wiring them all using the line, so the line voltage to each switch (including the one for your fan) will be ~120VAC. The voltage drop going to the light from the Lutron is not a factor.

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Thanks pal, wired it up today and she’s running fine!

Seriously? I thought all devices made for the NA power grid were designed to run on a 110-120v range (or 220-240v range) and not 120v exactly :thinking:

Yeah, don’t tell anyone but I brought over half a shipping container full of European-style bathroom fans that required 240v, so I janked together a step-up voltage transformer from a previous project. that thing isn’t the most efficient, and if it gets 110V it’ll only output 210V or so, so really 120V is needed to reach a reasonable 220-240V. Its working.

Haha, my brother-in-law has some LED edge lit bathroom vanity mirrors from the UK, with a huge inverter in his attic