Where are the inovelli reps?

Issues/questions piling up and I see little to no response from inovelli anymore.

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Sorry about that but just hang in there. I was just hired and will catch up as fast as I can.


@Blivit – thanks for keeping us honest. It’s been a tough Q4 in terms of resources and headcount and I apologize for the lack of responses in the forums.

I just wrote a novel around what’s been going on here that hopefully will shed some light on the matter, but please know that we are working on getting back on track.

Long story short, I get it – customer service has sucked – follow ups have sucked. Here’s what we’re doing to improve:

  • @anon64478871 will be taking the lead on customer service (tickets/forum/coding) – he has an extensive knowledge of smart home tech, was a licensed electrician for a while, and @EricM_Inovelli and I have known him for a couple years now.
  • @EricM_Inovelli is joining Inovelli full-time now and will have more bandwidth to help with forum/tickets
  • I will also be helping where I can (I am still learning Finance – my background is in Marketing so this has been a learning curve) but will make sure to help where I can
  • We’ve also hired an additional CS rep to make sure we’re on top of tickets/forum items

For background, we’re a 6 person team. This isn’t some huge Fortune 500 that has plenty of headcount at our disposal. We’ve been each working 60+ hrs a week trying to stay afloat, but with any startup, the problem is usually getting enough headcount to support sales/overhead/investment. I appreciate so much the team and what they’ve sacrificed and I think moving forward, we’ll be in a better spot.

Anyway, just some Friday afternoon thoughts.


we hope to see this blow up to get you into that fortune 500 company! Thanks to you and your team for your honesty, transparency and products.


Exactly the response I, and I am sure many others, needed to see. I was just seeing no response from anyone official and it was getting a bit frustrating.