Wiki / Knowledge-Base, etc - Official Kick-off! Who's In?

Finally, we’ve found a team that can build this the way that we want them to. We’re really excited to finally get this project off the ground and the community more organized. I’ve gone through about 3 different companies before landing on this one and they’ve shown me examples of other ones they’ve built and are confident this can be done.


Here’s the initial mockup of what the Community Driven Knowledge-Base (yes, we’re going to rebrand it as the KB – idk, just sounds better) will look like and what is possible per the agency:

On the left hand side, we’ll have the various categories in which you can select tags from each category. Some categories, such as, “Product Version” and “Hub/Voice Assistant Version” will by dynamic based on your selections.

By default, it will only include community driven, “official” knowledge-base articles. By official, I mean that it may not be written by us, but we will approve it. However, you will also have the opportunity to click, “include community threads” which will include everything from the community.

Example above on how you will be able to select the various tags.

Other Improvements

In addition, a smaller improvement that I’m really excited about is we’ll be able to rank tags in order as shown below:

Above is a custom order shown, where we can see the:
hub → hub version → product → tip

(NOTE: order will show hub first, hub version, product, product version, issue #1, issue #2, etc) but it will be easier to read from left to right what someone has.

Note the above default, which is shown in alphabetical order.

Volunteers Needed!

To really get this off the ground, we’d love to have a brainstorm session as well as actual help if possible. We’re still also open to building this how the community wants and/or would be most helpful.

If you’re interested, I’ll be creating a separate post for sign-ups. We realize this is tedious and time consuming and want to compensate you in some way other than just a virtual high-five and praise. We’re not really sure what it looks like yet, but we’re thinking Rewards Points, Free Products, Swag, etc. I’m also going to put together a checklist of the pages we’ll need filled out (be it ourselves or the community).

I’ll come back and provide the link shortly!



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Also down to help where I can.

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This is awesome! I’m willing to help best I can.

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Maybe I’ll finally do those videos I keep promising… :wink: I’m in

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Dang it’s been a while – projects seem to take much longer than we anticipate! Good news is I promise this is still happening and we’re about to put it on our own Discourse instance shortly.

Here’s is a quick example of what it will look like (ignore the spelling errors with tags, we will fix that). There will be a checkbox on being able to include community topics as well, but the default will be anything marked by us (staff/contributors).

It’s finally happening!


Would love to test this for sure!
[email protected]

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