Will an Innoveli switch work where Zooz isn't?

Hi all,

I am installing Zooz switches and may have run into a situation where their dimmers cannot handle my situation. That is, I have a double-gang box with 2 smart switches. One of the switches operates 8 x 9W LED bulbs which is 72W. With 1 side of the tabs taken off, Zooz has recommended no load greater than 70W. They recommended I get their ZEN22 which is their older switch but has a higher load capacity. Well, this switch is making my lights buzz loudly when they are dimmed. It even buzzes at 100%. The lightbulb was on their approved list too. The ZEN27 uses a MOSFET driver and the ZEN22 uses a TRIAC driver.

Now, I am looking at Inovelli and the load requirements seem to be much higher. Which type of driver does the Black series use? and the Red Series?

Eric confirmed in another post that the dimmer uses leading edge dimming.

This leads me to believe (although I cannot confirm) that the switch uses a triac.

I have had a couple bulbs that I can hear (but my wife cant), and 1 LED panel light that I could hear buzzing from a different room

I can’t imagine the difference between 72 watts and 70 watts is significant. If it were my home I would run them on the Zooz and not worry about it.

If you are really uncomfortable doing so you can get a metal wall plate. The metal plate screwed right to the dimmer aluminum front will more than make up for the missing tabs.


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I had/have the same thoughts as you, but I was listening to Zooz support and didn’t want to take an unnecessary risk. I’m replacing every switch and plate in the house (toggle to decora). All of the new plates are metal, so I am strongly thinking I will just install the ZEN27 with lower load capacity.