Wires in both line holes?

Kind of a dumb question… but can you put a line wire in each of the line holes on the inovelli dimmer switch?

the line in the recessed lights goes like this…

wall → black screw on recessed light switch → line on fan light switch → line on fan switch

the recessed light switch has a traveler that goes to the other side of the room.

I hope this is clear enough… the original wiring had same wire twisted around the black screw and leading to the fan light switch line.

Can I cut that and put each end in each hole on the inovelli line spot? since there are 2.

Or should I just directly wire the fan light switch to the line wire nuts? and just leave one wire into the inovelli switch.

I think that you are trying to describe a three switch box where a black hot feeds three switches. All of the blacks are connected together, perhaps by a wrap around one screw and then connected to the next switch.

In any event, you can daisy-chain the blacks by connecting the incoming hot to the Line on the Inovelli and then connecting a jumper to the next switch by using the other Line hole on the Inovelli.

If this isn’t what you’re describing, please post back.

that is exactly what I was describing! thank you!!

If you use two different size wires in the holes (referring to your original question) I’ve noticed the smaller wire is sometimes not held tight. So if you use a #12 and a #14 double check both are firmly gripped. If 2 #14’s you should be OK.

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it was the same gauge wire and it worked out! thanks!