Wiring a NZW31S in Bathroom

I have a NZW31s dimmer in an extra bedroom that is not used much. I would like to move it to the bathroom where I think it will be much more beneficial. The bathroom has a receptacle and the light switch right next to the sink. I would like to switch the receptacle out for a GFCI receptacle and the dumb switch for the NZW31S. I have a GE Z-Wave Fan switch for my exhaust fan. It is working properly. I spent some time and followed all of the wiring.

This is how my bathroom wiring is now.

My plan is to connect the top black wire of the receptacle to the power line before the GFCI receptacle. That way, nothing else is protected by the GFCI receptacle.
Then add a neutral wire from the NZW31S to the other white wires.
The Red wire would go to Line on the NZW31S and Black would go to Load.

Here is a picture of my plan.

Does that seem like it will work properly? Will the GE Z-Wave Fan switch cause any problems?

Thank you for any help!.

Looks pretty good to me. is your panel circuit breaker for this bathroom not gfi?

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Thank you for your help! The house was built in 1950 and there are no GFCI breakers.

Looks good then! I’m not too familiar with the NZW parts but assuming it’s the same for line load neutral connections, it should be good. The load controls the lights and NOT the receptacle. You also have dedicated fan switch for bath fan. Seems good to go. GFCI at receptacle is good!

Your concept is fine. However, at the NZW31, you have the Line and Load reversed. The Line terminal is opposite of the Neutral terminal at the bottom of the swtich. You have the switched conductors from 1 an 2 connected there, but they should be connected to the Load terminal on the top of the switch. You have the hot feed connected to the Load terminal, but it should be connected to the Line terminal on the bottom.

Thanks. Unfortunately, the NZW31S was not in front of me when I made that drawing and I wasn’t able to find a picture of the back. Everything else is correct though. Thank you for the heads up. I will make sure I reverse those when I connect the wires.

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