Wiring Diagram Help for 5 x Switches and 2 x Lights

Good Evening all,

Some unrelated wiring questions:

  1. Can I use a Red Dimmer with the Smart Bulb settings turned on to place a fan with a Sonoff iFan04 in the same circuit as the Dimmer?

  2. Can an aux switch be used prior to a dimmer when wiring a circuit? There are no example with this type of setup.

My current wiring is shown in the following image. I’d like to use Aux switches in all the locations except for a single Red Dimmer. I can also replace the aux switches with Lutron Caseta Pico’s if required.

  1. Not sure what you mean. You should not power the fan from the dimmer, but they can be on the same circuit, as in the same breaker.

  2. Yes it is possible depending on the exact wiring configuration.

Your diagram can’t work. For that to work, you need a line, load, neutral and traveler to go between the light box and the Inovelli box. The Inovelli can only work in box #1.

Pardon, does he really need a fourth load line? Fundamentally, he’s just wiring up a single dimmer to the load. The auxiliary switches just need a line and neutral. Couldn’t he use the traveler from #3 to the lights as his load?

Ie, the pattern described here, but extended. https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/can-i-install-multiple-smart-switches-in-a-3-way-4-way-etc

Yes, that is exactly what he would do. The third conductor from #3 would be the load to the light. You could also use the third conductor to go from #3 as a traveler to Aux’s 2 and 5.

The problem is that there is no way to get a traveler to Aux’s 1 and 4, because the third conductor from #3 heading back that way is already taken for the load to the light.

Aux switches need a traveler and a neutral, not line and neutral.

There is no way to wire the Inovelli with a neutral putting the devices in the locations indicated.

Thinking about it more, it could be done installing the Inovelli without a neutral. Then, you connect the aux switches to line and traveler. So, the 3 wires from light #1 to switch box #3 would be line, load and traveler. Then, line and traveler and sent to the other 4 boxes.