WIRING HELP - 3 Way Leg Controlling Two Lights - Neutral Available

Hi All - yet another wiring question.

The question I have is around a three way leg that controls two lights. Want to use an inovelli red series dimmer along with an aux switch.

In one of the boxes, I have the following:

  • 2 - Two Wire Romexes - Black to a bundle / White to a bundle
  • Three Wire Romex - Black to brass screw on the top of the three way switch, red to the brass on the bottom of the three way switch and white to bundle
  • there is also a black jumper from the bundle of black to the black terminal screw on the 3 way switch

Both black wires connected to the switch above show 120V at all times

In the other gang box, I have the following:

  • Two wire romex - black connected to black terminal screw of three way switch, white to bundle
  • Three wire romex - black and red to the brass screws on the three way switch and white to bundle.

Any thoughts on wiring here? I would think the Inovelli would go in the first gang box, but there are two hot wires and the aux in the other gang box. But just not sure where to connect all the wiring.

Tagging some folks that have assisted in the past. Thanks again in advance. @Bry @harjms

I deleted your 2- Two wire Romexes . . . from your quote, since they are not attached to a switch. Probably line coming into and leaving your box.

“Both black wires connected to the switch above show 120V at all times”

Did you test that with the wires disconnected? You can’t leave them attached to the switch and test as the switch may send the power to the other conductor. I’m guessing the black jumper from the bundle is the Line, but if that’s the case, it does not make sense that you’d have +120VAC on the black from the 3-wire with it disconnected from the switch.

Yup that was it. Thanks again.

So based on your description, the black hot pigtail is your Line and the Inovelli goes there. The 3-wire with no voltage runs between the two switches. In the other box, the 2-wire with no voltage should be the load.