Wiring Help with a Casa Vieja fan

Hi all - I bought the LZW36 after the existing remote in my fan died inexplicably. The remote controls both the light and the fan and had 5 speed options + reverse.

When I took it down, however, I found myself confused as to how to connect the inovelli module to the fan itself.

The old remote module had 5 wires going into the body of the fan: a Black, While and Gray, all labeled “for motor” and Blue (Load) and Orange (Neutral) labeled for the Light Kit.

The Load and Neutral for the light kit are pretty self-explanatory, but I’m having trouble making sense of the three wires for the motor.

I tried connecting the white and orange wires from the fan to the white wire from the control unit, to the neutral from the ceiling to no avail. I also tried including the gray wire in that bunch as well - still nothing.

The thing that made me most nervous was that the motor ‘growled’ but never actually spun once I turned the power back on.

Any suggestions?

5 speed options and a reverse? That sounds more like a DC setup and the LZW36 is only compatible with AC motors. Do you have the fan model to confirm?

It’s a Windspun Modern Hugger - the part number is 1W415-1W424-1W425. I had wondered if it wasn’t a DC motor, but didn’t see any indication either way.

Thanks for your help! Will.

52" Windspun Walnut - Nickel LED DC Hugger Ceiling Fan

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There we go. Thanks all.