Wiring LZ31-SN in Single Pole (question about bypass)

Wired up my hole house with LZ30’s and have been easy. Of course I have one box in my garage that doesn’t have a neutral wire in it. So I ordered an LZ31-SN

I went to hook it up (single pole setup no-neutral) and it started flashing red. Wouldn’t even turn on the lights. I could see one flickering very dimly, but I don’t think there is 25W of load on that switch so I need a Bypass.

So I’ll order the bypass but my question is related to the wiring of it. If you look at the following wiring manual, you will see in the

Page 3 you will see the similar setup to what I have. The power must be up in the Box up top, and they show the bypass as being up in that junction box. Problem is to get to mine is a HUGE pain in the ass up in my ceiling way up a hugely cramped attic.

Is there anyway to wire the by pass in the switch box itself? I have one hot wire and one load coming down into that box and that’s it.

Thoughts? or is my only alternative to start climbing up there…

Unfortunately the Bypass must be connected electrically across the light wires.

Is need not be in the lighting fixture but is must be across the wires that power the light.

Is there anyway to wire the by pass in the switch box itself? I have one hot wire and one load coming down into that box and that’s it.

No, it must be connected from the “LOAD” of the Inovelli to Neutral. But if you had a neutral in that box you would not need the bypass.

Could you get at the wires more easily from the light side (fixture) it could go there?


Bugger. Guess I get to go digging in the attic!

Before you do, can you put an incandescent light in this fixture easily? If so it will verify a bypass is the way to go.

No unfortunately not. It powers 2 led bay lights in my garage. Which would be a pain to try to replace. It’s not like one of those easy to replace sockets. Already ordered a bypass anyway.

I kinda had a hunch I’d need the bypass when u ordered the switch but figured I’d try it without one first and see if it worked.

Good luck and let us know how you made out.


Would this: https://www.amazon.com/Lutron-LUT-MLC/dp/B01E9F084E work as a bypass? It is a capacitor. What is the Aeotec a capacitor or resistor?

Sorry, I’ve never had to use one so I don’t know what they are internally. I would think for $8 you might try the device on your link.

But if I had to guess I would think it is part resistance and part capacitance.

Its not the $8 for the device. The question is what is the price of the magic smoke coming out.

It won’t damage the dimmer. Per its specification it only draws 6 ma.
Their description also states it is a simple capacitor. Unlike my previous statement where I was more comparing it to what I thought the Aeotek bypass is.