Wiring NZW31 Gen1 dimmers on both sides of a 3-way


I couldn’t find wiring diagrams for 3-ways with two NWZ31S. Can I follow the same wiring instructions as for the Gen2 dimmers?

I have a 3-way with the line & load in the same box, and another with the line and load at each end.

On the software side, is this what Association group 3 is for? Are there any details? It seems I should configure parameters 6 and 7…

Hi, Welcome.

The only diagram I have for my Gen1’s is:

However I believe you can follow any of the Gen2 diagrams marked (with Neutral). It is my understanding that this dimmer requires the neutral to work. My installation has a neutral so I never tried it without the Neutral.

I mean the wiring diagrams are here https://inovelli.com/nzw31-setup/other/#other , but they don’t show a 3-way configuration with smart switches on both ends.

I have neutral wires all around, this should not be a problem.

Sorry I misunderstood,

You can’t have smart 3-way switches on both ends.

You can have a Smart switch on one end and a dumb 3-Way on the other. The dumb end can turn the light on and off but cannot change the dimming level.


You can have a Smart switch on one end and an AUX control on the other. The AUX end can control the on/of and dim. There will be no status LEDs on the Aux switch.


I decided to try it anyway and it works fine. In case anyone else wants to try, just follow the last wiring diagram on the LZW31-SN instructions (for two smart dimmers).

For Gen1 dimmers, we must use association groups 2 and 3 instead of 2 and 4, since group 4 is not available on Gen1 devices.

I also tried a LZW31-SN controlling a NZW31, but I could only get it to send on/off commands, dimming wouldn’t work.