Wiring on/off black series in a 4 way

Then again it could be a neutral somewhere. Cause the dumb switch does not have a neutral hooked up.

This is what I have at the box where the SS was.
Top is the line, bottom black is the load and the red is the traveller, and the neutral is off to the side

For what ever reason I now have 2 brand new smart switches that don’t work anymore.
Awfully expensive day.
Put a new smart switch in and now it’s working.

Did you configure the smart switch parameters to tell it to be a 3 way toggle?

I think it’s a switch, not a dimmer.

Yup just a switch, put another new smart switch in and all is well.

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Must not be running latest firmware then.

Glad you got it figured out @gurule31.

Just FYI for future people that may have problems in a 4 way setup using the black series on/off switches.
My issues were in no way related to firmware.
My particular 4 way setup has never worked right since we bought the house, but I finally decided I was gonna fix the issue.
I did finally end up getting it wired and working correctly.
In the process I fried one switch cause a ground wire touched the load screw. Another switch still works but the load screw will not tighten anymore. So I guess I need to reach out to support for a replacement.
Moral of the story is oldish wiring is lame, and be careful you don’t ruin a 40 dollar switch.

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I wasn’t sure if I should post this here or not.

Can I still use smart bulbs in this scenario, with having 2 dumb switches and 1 smart switch?