Wiring on/off black series in a 4 way

Got it all wired up like it’s supposed to be. Can only control it with the smart switch. When ever I switch the dumb ones it kills power to the smart switch.
Anyone have any insight?


Make sure you found the correct box for line. If you’re killing power to the Inovelli switch by toggling the dumb toggle, you most likely have the smart switch in the wrong place.

That was my thought process as well.
Thinking it would not be the middle, but possibly the other end .

Yea it shouldn’t be in the middle unless you have extra wires. Best way is to use a multimeter or voltage pen to see if you can find the line wire.

Forgive my ignorance, but what does that tell me.
Oh, you saying if all are unhooked there will only be one line? Correct.

Then that would be where the smart switch should go?

Correct. If you unhook the BLK wires on the dumb switches (not the 4 way) and test for live voltage, you should find the hot relatively quick. That is where the Inovelli should go.

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Yep, that’s unhook and test the black wires that are on the black screws. The 3-way switches will have 2 black wires each.

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So it turns out my incoming line wire was on the otherside. Now I have all the switches working like they should, 2 dumb switches are controlling the smart switch. But now the light does not turn on. LOL
God these 4 way switches suck.

When you put the dumb switch back where the Inovelli didn’t belong, did you make sure that the black conductor from the 2-wire going to the light was attached to the BLACK screw on the switch?

Ugh, I had it all working like it should with the switches hanging out. I killed power to button it all up, turned power back on and now nothing works.
Is there something in the switches I have to trigger?

If it worked with the switches out and stopped after you tucked things in, then something came loose. Pull the switches and check the connections. On the Inovelli, make sure that the conductor is between the plate and the screw. If you get it on the other side, you won’t have a good connection. You should be able to do a firm tug on each conductor and not have it come out.

On the dumb switches, insure that the conductor is wrapped in a clockwise fashion so that it’s going in the same direction as the screw tightening.

When I took the last switch back out I noticed the ground was sitting right on the load screw for the light. Assume I fried the switch. Back to Lowes for a new switch.

Electrical tape is your friend. I wrap it around the body to protect the terminal screws.

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Check your breaker first . . .

Still not working after a new switch.

The switches are controlling the SS like they should. It seems the problem is with the load somewhere.

At this point, I would go back to all dumb switches and get it working properly, then go back to the Inovelli.

Well I didn’t wanna say this, but it is absolutely the inovelli switches that are causing me problems.
Put a dumb switch where the inovelli was and it started working like its supposed to.
Anyone have any ideas?