Wishlist - Homelink to Z-Wave module

I’m just getting in to Inovelli devices, but I have been using z-wave home automations for around 12 years.
One device I often struggle with is my Wayne Dalton WDHA-12 homelink to z-wave module. It is old, and not very compatible with various systems. It’s function is why are started with home automation in the first place. I wanted to be able to turn the lights in my alley and in my garage off and on from the built in homelink buttons in my car. The WDHA-12 module does this very well.
The downside, is that it is a dated device and can be very finicky, and I have not found an equivalent replacement, short of creating a new device with various sensors.

Wishlist item - I think there is interest for such a device. A modern version would be great, in my opinion!!

Hey @stefan.helmer – apologies for not seeing this. As I’m reading through this, is this basically some sort of bridge between HomeLink (garage door) to Z-Wave?

Would this essentially allow you to use your homelink buttons inside your car to pair to SmartThings or some other Z-Wave enabled hub?

Oh jeeze, I also did not see you replied! Two post conversation that spans more than a year. Haha.

Yes, it is pretty much as you describe. It’s a homelink to zwave bridge and with it, I can trigger zwave scenes on my Vera controller from my car. The device recieved a homelink signal from my car and sends out a zwave signal to my zwave controller to trigger a scene.

Car has built in 3 button homelink control. At the moment, button 1 acts as it would typically, just triggering the door opener direct. Button 2 and 3 go to the bridge and become zwave scenes to turn the lights off and on.

The bridge I have works fine, but not with any modern zwave controllers. So to keep current, I’d need to basically make my own bridge with a homelink reciever wired to a couple zwave contact switches, which at the end of the day, may be the easiest solution.

I actually want the newer zwave hub to better support my inovelli switches as they are not fully functional with my older Vera. But don’t want to loose the homelink stuff as that’s actually what got me in to home control in the first place!