WTB: On/Off Switches

I need 4 on/off switches. I do not care if they are Black or Red Series.

Did you recently order a 10 pack and not need all 10?

Ill take any that I can find. Im in Oregon, but obviously willing to pay shipping.



I was also looking to pick up a couple On/Off switches. Wasn’t sure it warranted creating a new thread, but if anyone has a few they’d be willing to part with, let me know. Or if anyone wants to go in on a 10-pack, I’d need 3-5 and could split shipping accordingly.

So we’re just starting to get some 10pk returns that are opened or have a few switches missing. They are brand new, but since we can’t repackage them as a 10pk to sell, we will sell them as open box items. Standard/regular pricing applies. If you want any let me know and I can send you an invoice for them.

Currently we have 6 on/offs and 6 dimmer.

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I’ll take 3 Red On/Offs if you want to send me an invoice.

I think I’m out of them for the time being, but I will notify you when any more become available!