WTB One LZW36 Red Light/Fan switch

I’ve been tracking these down for a year or two now, trying to get one for every bedroom of my house which only had single-pole installations with overhead light/fan. I’ve gotten 4 so far and they are absolutely perfect for my needs, and I’m down to just needing 1 more. I’ve waited and waited and at this point I’m thinking I won’t see them in stock, refurb, etc ever again so I need to go second hand. I’m not sure if the plan is to ever update these to 800 series or not, last I heard was that the 800 2-1 switch was going to be the replacement with a separate zwave canopy. Unfortunately even if that comes to fruition, I’d really prefer to just have the original LZW36 in order to keep all of my bedrooms consistent.

So that brings me here, hoping some kind soul is willing to part with a working LZW36 with canopy module. At this point I’m willing to overpay just to get it over with and be done with my multi-year project.

Great product, by the way! Thanks inovelli.