WTB: Red Series Dimmer & On/Off

If you have any available, I’ll take them.
Will pay any (reasonable) price and name my first born after you.

Message me!


I have a bunch I got In a big lot. I’ve been meaning to list them for a few weeks but haven’t had a chance. I got a community email with your update and jumped on it.
How many do you need?

I am looking for some red dimmers as well if there more remaining after your transaction with Julian.

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Hi! I’m also interested in 1-2 red dimmers if available after Julian and Greg in case you or anyone else have any left over.


I would like to get in line for a couple dimmers, if you have any left once the previous folks have been taken care of.

I have 6 Black Series Dimmers (LZW31) for sale if anyone is interested

How much are you asking for the black dimmer?

I am interested in 2 0n/off switches if you still have any available. Please let me know and how much you are asking for them. Thank you!

$30 each plus shipping. If you buy all 6 I’ll pay the shipping

What type of switches do you have available? How much are you asking for them?