WTS: Unused 10 pack of VZM31-SN

I got a 10 pack and procrastinated on installing them. Then the mmWave version was announced and I ordered a 10 pack of those… so I’ve got the original 10 pack of VZM31-SN available.

I’m not interested in making a profit, just recouping my costs and I’ll cover shipping unless you want it faster.

I’ll bite

Found out I got switches that were from a bad batch… Currently trying to get them replaced.

We can also just refund you instead of you wanting/needing to sell them if you do not want the switches. That way you don’t need to get replacements just to sell them.

Also by the time you get replacements we will have the next shipment in so people can just order from us directly as well.


Well that would make my life so much easier! I have a ticket open currently, do you need my ticket number?

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I see it! I’ll respond there.

Guess I’ll be placing a backorder soon :slight_smile:

I read a comment that the next batch should be in transit so it shouldn’t be too long until you can actually get some.

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