Yet another 3 way Aux Neutral Wire help post

Hello everyone. I just closed on a house and am in the process of adding inovelli switches along with some aux and regular rocker switches. I have inovelli red series dimmer switches. I was able to successfully install one dimmer on a single pole, but am having issues understanding how to do the 3 way. I have 2 of these I need to do. I was looking at the guide and the one that seems like it fits the most is option 1 on page 10 of the wiring guide.

However, I am questioning myself (as I tend to do). I have created a diagram of what the current wiring set up is, from what I can tell. I am wanting to replace the dumb switch on the right (for the recessed lights) with the red series dimmer switch, and I want to replace the dumb switch on the left (for the recessed lights) with a GE Aux switch. The recessed light switch on the left side has 2 wires that may be the load and common wire, but I am not sure how you can tell what a common is. I know they both do not carry power. The only wire on the left side (for the recessed lights) that carries power is the travel wire.

If option 1 on page 10 is indeed what I need to do, do I connect the ??? wires together? Is that what the diagram means? I think that is what is throwing me off the most, is what 2 wires in option 1 are tied together?

Any help would be appreciated. Also, I do have a neutral wire in each gang box for the switches.

Thank you in advance.

I can’t add more than one picture to this post :frowning:

@makirules Any chance you can take a couple photos of the wires in the boxes?

Can you identify if you have a load/line in same box or separate box?

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Also something that may help you identify line/load. Find the line coming into the first switch from the power panel. Verify with multimeter or voltage pen. It should be connected to the black screw labeled COM or common of the first switch in line. On the other 3 way switch, the load (light) will be connected to the black screw or COM connection. The other two wires will be your travelers between the two switches.

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Thank you for your response! Sorry I could only upload one picture since I am new to the community. I put the pictures in an imgur post that I took yesterday.

It should cover all the angles… or at least I tried to.

Oh this will be easy if you have a neutral in each box.

First, verify that the first switch you’re placing the dimmer into is in fact the first box LINE comes into and is a Line/Load in separate boxes; otherwise the instructions below will be almost worthless.

For the switch that will be replaced by Inovelli. You’ll connect the Black LINE wire to the Line port on the switch. Connect a white wire (found in box) to the neutral port. Connect the Black wire that is bundled with the red wire (travelers) to the Load port. Connect the red wire (traveler with BLK wire) to the Traveler port.

On the second switch where the GE AUX switch, you’ll take the BLK wire that is connected to the black screw and use a wire nut to connect it with the other BLK wire connected to the brass screw on the dumb switch. This will send the LOAD from the Inovelli switch directly to the light. Connect the Red wire to the Traveler port of the Aux switch and connect a neutral wire to the other port of the Aux switch.

Hopefully the above makes sense. If not, let us know what you’re missing.

I believe that does make sense! Thank you for all your help. Luckily I DO have a neutral in each gang box.

Quick question… I am new to this so please forgive me. How do I find out which box the line comes into first? I just figured that it was the one on the right since the one on the left only has power running through the traveler wire.

Also… I am guessing I still connect the ground wire on the AUX switch because there is not one to connect to the inovelli switch.

@makirules - The best way is to verify with a multimeter and/or voltage pen to verify input power. You can disconnect the BLK wire connected to the first switch on the BLK screw terminal and see if you can read 110v +/-5VAC on the BLK wire.

@makirules - If there is a ground bundle in the box, just get a piece of ground wire (1ft of 14 gauge @ HD or Lowes) and wire nut it on to make another ground. I recommend having grounds on all switches for safety reasons.

Thank you again. I have this type of non contact voltage tester:

I have a multimeter too, but have been using this tool to find the line wire. The wire on the right side switch that is connected to the black screw is hot, and the only wire on the left side switch that is hot, is the travel wire.

Regarding the ground, I think the only ground that is on the right side switch is the one that is connected to the one I will not be replacing…and it may go directly into the wall (I will verify later). If that is the case, do I just remove it from that switch, wire nut 2 ground wires to it, run one ground wire to the dumb switch i wont be replacing, and one to the inovelli switch?

Also, I am not seeing 14 gauge on lowes or home depots website… Only 4, 6, 18, or 12. I also just searched for ground wire.

@makirules - It’s probably just tucked back there in the back of the box. Most, if not all, ROMEX has bare copper (ground). So you should have it back there. If it’s not, I would feel confident disconnecting the ground from the dumb switch and making a pigtail from that wire into two grounds; one for the dumb switch and one for the Inovelli. If you can’t find bare copper wire at Lowes (on the reel, next to all the wire), then you can look for 14 AWG THHN GREEN wire. You may be stuck buying 50ft of the green wire, and I would buy stranded vs. solid (it bends easier).

12 Gauge would work also…you don’t need a very long piece, but it would twist better if it was 14 gauge.

Were you searching for #14 Romex on Lowes, or just for the ground connector? Lowes will certainly have 14 Ga Romex. Just buy the shortest length of #14 Romex you can, cut off a piece, and then pull the ground out of it.

Yeah, I was just searching “ground wire” on lowes and home depot. I am headed to lowes and will see what they have.

Will update later.

I got back from Lowes and ended up getting this wire. Will take the ground wire from it and use it for the ground wire to the inovelli switch (and possibly the other switch as well).


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That’ll work!

Fantastic! I can’t thank you enough for all your help!

So I was double checking some things on switch 2 and noticed something I didn’t before…sorry about that. Not sure if this changes anything or if this is how a normal 3 way switch functions…

On switch#2 , the top left wire only has power when the recessed lights are off. The top right wire only has power when the recessed lights are on.

Again, not sure if that’s how normal 3 way switches function or if it’s different.

Do I still combine the top left and top right wires on switch#2 when I switch it to the GE enbrighten aux switch?

Did you already install the Inovelli switch?

The black wire connected to the black screw on your left switch (again assuming power comes into the right box) is the common and powers the light(s). The other black wire should be coming from the Load port on the Inovelli. You’ll wire but those two together when the Inovelli and Aux switch is being used. The Red wire is for the traveler and you’ll need to wire in a neutral.

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