Yet another 3-way question (2x LZW31-SN with load in both boxes)

I did some searching and see lots of posts about 3-ways, I’m sure this has come up but I can’t find it…

Box 1: 1x 2-wire romex, 1x 3-wire romex.
2-wire black (I assume hot) goes to the dumb switch’s Common. Dumb switch’s travellers are connected to the 3-wire’s black and red. Whites from both commons are tied together (I assume neutral).

Box 2: 1x 3-wire romex.
White to common, black and red to travellers.

So I believe what I have is referred to in the wiring diagram as “Load in Both Boxes”.

I would like to install LZW31-SN dimmers in both locations. Is it possible to do this without rewiring the fixtures (there are two of them)?

Thanks !!

Only one wire set in Box 2?

If so, it sounds like the white bundle is box 1 isn’t neutral, but may be your line that is immediately sent over to Box 2 and the COM in box 1 is load. Meaning non neutral setup.

Yes only one romex in Box 2. I’d be surprised if there was no neutral there as every other box I’ve been in in this house has neutral.

It does seem to match the “Load in both boxes” diagram - so I guess there would be neutral in box 1 but not in box 2.

Should I get out my meter and test?

Concur. @groovejumper You’ll want to verify with a meter. Sounds like this scenario:

@harjms @stu1811 yep ok I guess you were right! The bundled whites in box 1 are in fact hot (measured 110v).

So can I in fact do a 3-way setup with LZW31-SN’s in both boxes? I can’t seem to find a wiring diagram for that scenario…

For multiple dimmers you need to have a neutral at the non load switch.

Oh snap. So I think that means unless I’m able to run another wire from the fixture to the first box (I can’t), I’m SOL.

Correct. However a dimmer and aux switch isn’t bad though.

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