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I am talking about red series switches, not dimmers… LZW30s. Those are rated for up to a 300W max inductive load.

Ohhhh you’re MOVING old switches to those positions. I get it now. :slight_smile:

Any update on delivery date?
Going on business trip for a week overseas, hope to see them when I am back.
On a different note - In other thread I’ve mentioned that with Blue 2in1 new firmware 2.14, with trailing edge (most reasonable explanation for the issue I heard so far) I am having troubles with buzzing and flickering. Should I expect the same behavior with Red 2in1 - I mean would it be trailing edge dimming?


Definitely can get confusing as new models come out …

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I don’t like being this person, but it’s been 20+ days without an update and it’s the end of May. Is there any update? Last we heard the prediction was late May or early June and waiting for China to ship after their labor day.

Fingers crossed it should be soon. By the end of June might be possible. Maybe @Eric_Inovelli has a better date.


Bry was not kidding after all…looks like end of June it is.

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This switch has Long Range capabilities and how it works is that once a hub supports long range, you’ll initiate long range pairing on the hub and the switch will then pair in long range. In other words, there’s no long range inclusion method on the switch, but rather it has to be done via the hub.

If you have paired your switch in the normal inclusion method (ie: not long range), then you’ll have to remove it from your network and then pair again.


Sorry guys, I thought I updated this one alongside all the other ones last week. The product is on the ship and it can take up to a month for it to get to the US. Once it gets here, it needs to clear customs and then it gets on a semi to be delivered to our HQ. I get estimated delivery dates, but they are always fluid. It’s hard for me to know exactly when everything will be here.

But I can confirm they are on a boat and they are on the way.

I will put a reminder in my calendar to give an update weekly from here on out, even if there is no news.


Thank you very much. Very much looking forward to getting these. Been using some dumb switches for a while for new circuits and can’t wait to get these!

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I just hope that they are not on THIS boat!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

[Carnival cruise passengers outraged after terrifying ordeal through storm - YouTube]


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Consistent communication is much appreciated! I’m looking forward to my delivery!


Project Update: Apologies for not updating yesterday – I was on vacation (well actually I got back from vacation on Sunday and needed a day to recover – Yellowstone was grueling, but worth it!).

We’re still waiting for the shipment to hit the shore, but I will continue to monitor it for everyone. As it’s been a few weeks, I’d imagine it’s close.


Hopefully a soft touch to a pier rather than running aground :grimacing:

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Why not? They do it all the time in South Florida!!! :rofl: :rofl:

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And some are even in boats.


@Eric_Inovelli , any idea if the longshoreman work slow down / strike is going to affect the shipping time?

funny story - a few more of our CFLs went out, so i decided to actually take a swing at this. i am surprised how easy it was/is to bypass the ballasts, and i’ll probably just end up doing it on every light in the house now as i get around to it rather than buying the ballast-ready bulbs, which are more expensive anyway.

that being said, i wanted to post this here because i know some of you will appreciate it (and probably be a little perturbed like i am)…our house is just under 10 years old. when i was bypassing the second ballast i got to, there was a wire randomly sticking through the gap between the junction box and the ballast itself, up into the ceiling. i figured maybe it had just slipped through there when they put the cover on…felt around above the box, and could tell the wire wasn’t going anywhere else. stuck my camera up there, and found this:

this is one of the red wires coming out of the ballast, after i removed the wire nut. the builder had the wire sticking through the gap there, wire nutted to another red wire, which then came back down through the same gap and into the armored cable that then goes to the socket inside the can.

in addition, there was a random section of 2x4 sitting up there, not attached to anything. we’re the original owners, which means the builder did this. nobody else has been in there doing any kind of work. i’m dumbfounded, and frankly a little scared as to what i’m going to find as i start swapping out the other 30 or so can lights in the house…

Quick question - other than the communication protocol being zwave, is there much difference with the blue series 2-1? I have a few red series dimmers and a bunch of blue series 2-1’s around my house. We’re doing some work and will be adding 5-10 new switches and I’m wondering if I should stick with the blues or add the new reds. I’m concerned that my Zigbee network is getting quite large and the fact that it runs on 2.4ghz could cause congestion for my wifi (channels are not overlapping but still). Any thoughts or recommendations?

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They’re really similar. The big difference I know of is the Red has dynamic dimming/ramp rates. Say you dim it right down to 1% and the ramp rate is 5 seconds. It would take 0.5s to turn off or on instead of 5s. This should appear in the Blue in a future firmware release but it’s not there right now.

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