Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Phoenix

I received my switches today and just installed one, so far so good. Now to get some favorites setup.

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I’m also looking forward to getting instructions for 3way (4way) Z-wave association procedure. I’m running HomeSeer.

@skarden / @Dave_Morgan

The TL;DR for 3/4 way with these is that you need to associate groups 2,3,4 from any secondary switch to the primary switch (the load switch). And then you need to associate groups 2,3,4 from the primary switch to any secondary switch. On all of the secondary switches you need to set param 59 to 1. On the primary switch, you need to set param 59 to 3. You will then control the primary switch from your hub in all of your automations and the secondary switches will stay in sync.

@Eric_Inovelli will have better instructions but that’s the quick summary from my setup.


Sharing this for anyone using Home Assistant, I’ve put together a blueprint that makes it easy to configure multi tap actions for all of the buttons on this switch. It supports multiple different switches (all performing the same action).

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

Source code is here if anyone wants to take a look. Please feel free to contribute on GitHub with improvements.


Hubitat doesn’t list a param numbered 59. What is the text/label for param 59?

What I do have is param 12 (Association Behavior When should the switch send commands to associated devices?) set to 15 on the on primary (load) switch which is All and param 12 is set to 11, (timer, 3 way and local) on the second switch.

I don’t use Hubitat, so I’m not sure how it’s broken out, but here’s the reference from Z-Wave JS.

In Z-Wave JS, param 59 is broken out into two different controls:

  • Send Local Commands To Associated Devices
  • Forward Z-Wave Commands to Associated Devices

On the primary (load switch) you want both of those enabled. That’s the equivalent of a 3. On the secondaries, you want the first one enabled and the second one disabled. That’s the equivalent of a 1.

Hubitat does list param 59 for the VZW31 (Zwave 800 series)


If you’re running the LZW31 (Zwave 500 series) then its param 12


Sorry…I have Blue 2-in-1 with Zigbee2MQTT as well.
Of course, that was a mistake. I am using Z-wave JS for Red 2-in-1 (to be exact - will use when I’ll get dimmers :slight_smile: , most likely tomorrow)

Ok, cool, I think @Alex_Inovelli is knocking out the Z-Wave JS instructions. I’ll make sure the associations instructions are ready tomorrow :slight_smile:

Are you good with the Zigbee Binding for 3-Ways or do you need instructions there? I’m trying to get things organized and I can’t remember if I created those. I think I did, but everything is a blur lol

Zigbee binding works like a charm. Super easy

My home is full of Red Series Dimmers and I have a few that are setup as 3-4 way switches on the edge of my zwave network that seem to go dead occasionally or don’t respond, likely due to distance. If I swap out those “edge” switches with the new 800 series, and of course upgrade my stick to an 800 series, will these work and be wired up the same way as my existing Red Dimmers? To be more specific, 2 of the 3 in the circuit would be Red Dimmers 500 series and 1 would be the new 800.

Also, what is best 800 series stick to migrate to? I’ve got a Aeotec 5 that has been rock solid for 2 years now and I’d love to have something that is easy to migrate to without having to reprogram everything. :slight_smile:

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There’s no need to switch to an 800-series controller at this time. In fact, support for them is still pretty nascent.

Hi Eric, do you know when the Canadian orders through Aar Tech will start shipping?

When will the SmartThings Edge drivers be posted for this switch?

I only see the zigbee driver.

So would that mean I’d likely not gain any range advantage from these switches at this time using my 500 series stick?

I just got my switches put in! I’m noticing the lights do a quick flash when they get set to 100% when set up as a non-neutral dimmer. Is that to be expected?

Maybe a little bit, but not a whole lot. I have an 800-series controller that I’ve tested with the Phoenix switch, and I’m not seeing much range difference from my 500-series controller.

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I’m not sure – we just sent them out I believe yesterday, so hopefully in the next week or two. We’re in Western Michigan and they’re in Toronto so it’s not that far of a commute!

@rmowles can probably give an update when he gets the shipment.


It should be there, can you double check?

Here’s the link to the Driver Access: Samsung account

I don’t think so, can you share a video and I’ll start a new thread so we can figure it out? I’ve been testing it on non-neutral and haven’t seen that, so I’m curious what’s going on.

I just received my VZW31-SN RED 2-1 Switch and I was going through the manual before I installed it. On page 30, there is a QR code that takes you to inov.li/vzw31snwiring. You receive an error message “Short code does not appear to exist.” Just thought I would let you.

Quick Update: Z-Wave Home Assistant Instructions are posted, and Z-Wave Assocation Instructions are coming along more slowly than anticipated.

For anyone who wants to associate two switches over the weekend and is using Home Assistant:

  1. Have your switches in Z-Wave JS UI
  2. For switch A, set groups 3 and 4 to target Switch B
  3. For Switch B, set groups 3, and 4 to target Switch A
  4. Then on one switch set parameter 59 to 3.

Detailed instructions with pictures and an explanation coming Monday on the support site.