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Going forward, is there a way to include a source code escrow clause in your agreements with your manufacturers? That way, you’d have access to the code if they decided to abandon your project, go bankrupt, etc.

That’d be nice, but if you’re sourcing overseas, good luck having China honoring the clause.


Well, the point would be that a 3rd party would keep the code in escrow, and the manufacturer would agree to periodically send updated code to that escrow. Inovelli would never have access to it unless the escrow conditions were met.

I think I get where he was going with this, and if not, this is my suggestion: The new canopy module should be a standaloe zwave fan controller. This would allow it to be associated with ANY zwave switch (or even used switchless in some configurations.)

From there it could be associated to any Inovelli switch (single/dual/5-button etc.) That gives you a ton of flexibility and opens up additional sales options for people that don’t want to or aren’t able to install a new wall switch.

If you are going to lean into this all the way, the module should have TWO controllers on it, one for the fan and a dimmer for lights. This would allow it to be used in scenarios with only one line running to the fan outlet that is common in a lot of homes. The 5-button would actually be pretty sweet for a fan (High, Med, Low speeds, and on/off)

It would add some expense, but I think it would be worth it. There is strong demand for the fan controller market and not a lot of good control options out there. There used to be a Zigbee canopy module you could get at home depot, but I haven’t seen it in a while (it might have been a Wink product.)


King of fans was the manufacturer, Home Decorators is their product line; it was marketed as Wink compatible, I think. No longer sold, they’ve replaced it with a Bond product. I replaced one of mine where I had the wiring with an independent wall switch, but I have another still in use that the proposed canopy module would be a candidate to replace, since I’m already using a (someone else’s) 5-button controller for manual control.

Aha, that’s another good name idea for the canopy module: Project Martindale … as a dig on Wink :slight_smile: and that you’re not really playing games. Ok, ok, terrible joke.

Yup, this is exactly where I was going with it.
If the canopy module for the new version is a standalone zwave device, it could be an “upgrade” to the older fan/light combo. Use association with the LZW36 to control the new canopy module instead of using RF which has been plagued with disconnect issues. And as you said, it could also be controlled by basically any zwave switch.


…or any HA hub and leave the switch out of the picture…


@Eric_Inovelli Zwave in the LZW36 switch, but not canopy, is no problem, as long as the new zwave canopy module is implemented in a standards-compliant way (which I’m sure it will be, given who’s at the helm :slight_smile: ). You can just associate the LZW36 switch with the new canopy module. Then it will communicate with the old canopy module via RF and the new one via z-wave. Or you can throw out the old canopy module and just use new ones.

Do you have a project page for the zwave canopy module yet?

Yeah I like it. Let’s go with it!

That’s an excellent idea!

Yeah I had a brain fart lol. I think I was thinking of the easiest approach (replacing the switch) and idk why in my head it just went to scrapping it altogether when it didn’t work out by swapping the switch.

We definitely planned on selling the module separately so it sounds like this will work!

I think that’s how it’s currently setup, right? Or were you thinking something different?

Yeah I really don’t know why my brain didn’t go there initially lol - too much going on this week I guess haha.

Not yet, probably as we get closer to officially kicking it off. Don’t want the competitors to get too much of a head start lol!


Really looking forward to this. I want to standardize switches in my house. I want to use z-wave and I want something that can also do bathroom fans.

Red Series has met that criteria and I’m about 1/3 of the way through conversion before stock ran out.

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I too am very excited for this! I only managed to upgrade one room before stock ran out.

One thing I’m curious is how different the new ones will be in comparison to the old. I’m assuming they will be visually the same. But I wonder if it will become obvious how much quicker the new ones respond compared to the old ones.

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Quicker in what regard? There are many things that can affect latency, and it’s not always the switch. It can be the switch’s settings, but it could also be attributable to various things on the hub. Or the switches connected by direct association? Are you using scenes? Are you using a voice assistant? Etc

These are definitely the “High Definition” of the reds.

Faster, smoother, better toggle feel, more settings, more notification effects, brighter, smaller profile, etc.

They are definitely the same switch through and through though, just better in every measurable way with a different radio.


Have you gotten to play around with a new, 800 series switch already?

It is my understanding that this will be the blue 2-1 with a different radio. I have not.

Ah, gotcha.

Definitely want a few of the LZW36 replacments. Will be keeping an eye out although sounds like 2-3 months at least.

@Eric_Inovelli any timeline/progress updates?

Thanks for asking!

Yes, we have made some progress here in that the manufacturer should be sending out the first batch of beta samples to us tonight.

If it’s anything like the Zigbee ones, they nailed the firmware right away (only a few revisions after) so I’m optimistic that it will be the same with Z-Wave.

We should be receiving a much larger batch of beta units at the end of the month and that’s when we’ll officially launch beta testing.

On that note, I need to discuss with the other Eric, but I think we’re open to some new beta testers in addition to our current ones to keep things fresh!

Overall timeline, I’d put these things to be launched around February or March, realistically. We’re still shooting for January, however.