Z-wave association woes

My network has no B3 and 13 is a z-wave smoke detector. I am using the z-wave association tool with success, but this switch currently has no associations. When I add associations, on F5 refresh of the IDE it shows only the 2 new devices:

Then when I remove the association it goes BACK to the original 2 which should not be happening:

Again, my device list has no B3 and 13 is a smoke/carbon monoxide detector.

Thoughts? Reset switch? Is there a part of the Inovelli tool to remove device associations?

All other switches and associations are working flawlessly.

You could try the z-wave tweaker utility on ST. Not sure if that would do it for you or not.

I ended up hard resetting the switch (20s hold) and it fixed it. Sucked to update ALL of my webcore stuff and scenes, but the ENTIRE system is working significantly more quickly now.