Z-Wave Color LED Cafe Lights

I’d like to see a company especially inovelli create z-wave (preferred) or ZigBee colored LED café lights. The various white/rgb café lights seem extremely popular, but I’m surprised no one has made a version for the smart home.

What would be an example? I’d love to explore this!

Here is a version that SamsClub sells. From my searching no one makes a smart home version they all use some cheap RF remote. I would love to see a z-wave dimmable RGB version so I could continue my visual notifications into the back yard. I think having two simple color schemes is fine where bulbs just alternate red and blue if those are the two colors you choose. It would be cool if they could be programed to imitate the chase sequence notifications that your red series dimmer has. A cheaper white only version might make sense as well.

Jasco also has a similar “dumb” version as well. They are linkable so one command is sent downstream to configure all the attached strings of lights, but with Z-wave you could just set up the string light as an extension cord, i.e. have a female plug on the end, and use a scene or manual control to configure however many strands a person has.

Can I test a version for one if one comes to market for my genius idea haha? I’ll just be happy to be able to purchase a setup like this some day.

Another important thing to include with cafe lights is a connection at the end to plug in the next strand, as most people who install cafe lights, install several interlinked. I’m eyeing some for the back yard to hang from our balcony to a massive oak, and would need a couple hundred feet to accomplish it (zig zag pattern to/from tree).

A way to pull this off would be a z-wave/zigbee module near the plug, and then a dual core cable with the line/neutral in one core and a 3/5 wire (3 for LEDs like WS2811, 5 for dumb RGBW), then a bulb every 2-3 feet, at the end, a female socket for the next string (line/neutral).