Z-Wave PC Controller 5 or how to update firmware update?

Hello, looks like the link to Z-Wave PC Controller 5 from the tutorial on the knowledge base is broken. Made an account an get an error “Please download either a Controller SDK or Embedded SDK before downloading Z-Wave tools. Contact support if any queries.”

Does anyone have a link to Z-Wave PC Controller 5 or updated instructions to perform a firmware update? I’ve got a Nortek HUSBZB as a secondary controller and a Qolsys IQ panel 2 as my primary.

Mainly trying to update fan switches.

You’re in the right place. Grab the Controller SDK. You probably don’t need the file, but it does make you download it.

Check this out


Here my walk through on deleting all nodes from you stick. That doesnt matter to you, but I have PC Controller 5.38 in there as well.


new link to my tutorial that should always be valid…