Z-Wave PC Controller Assistance

Question to those using Z-sticks. The devices that I have that are AFTER I first connected my z-stick are not showing as nodes in z-wave pc controller 5. For example, here is my garage switch:


It is Node ID 50 in hex which is 80 in decimal. But when I go to my Node ID’s, nothing beyond when I connected as secondary controller is there (Node ID 76) is there. The Node is operational and working fine, but I am unable to see it in Z-Wave PC Controller. Without resetting and taking a new Node ID (which with all of the resets are already at a premium), does anyone know how to get a refreshed Node list from the ST hub?

Did you go to the main controller and get node info? That will allow the security schema to be shared, then get node info from node 80(when it shows up), this is another handshake to share security. If that doesn’t work, try excluding the Z stick and include it again - don’t reset it until it has been excluded. Once the z stick is back on its own try a reset and inclusion again. ** Use with caution it can also mess with the network if not set right **

Node 80 isn’t showing. I’ll try again tonight clicking on the node info from Node 1 (ST v3 hub), but I’m 99% sure I’ve done that about 10 times trying to poke around without being dangerous.

The second option loses me yet another slot for future devices. I feel so silly because I have 40 z-wave devices but my next node is 84.

I know I can change nodes around, is there a way to reset the next available node id for my hub (ST V3).

Does ST do something similar to Hubitat? Hubitat will circle back to recover old nodes once it hits its 232 nodes.

Got my answer from ST forums:

Once it gets to 232 devices on your network, Z wave automatically goes back and re-uses any available IDs starting over at the beginning with 1. You can’t force it to be a different number, though. It just uses them in sequence.

So I’ll just disconnect/reconnect and be on my way. Thanks all!