Z-Wave Products - New Distributor of Inovelli Products!

TLDR: We’ve extended distribution rights to Z-Wave Products and there will always be a limited amount of every production run available on their site, including the new 2-1 Zigbee Switch (and they will ship it in October).

Link to the 2-1 on their site: Inovelli Zigbee 2-1 Switch

Quick, but exciting announcement!

There’s a lot going on at Inovelli. While everyone talks about the exciting innovation, what’s often overlooked is logistics side of things that bring these awesome products to you.

As everyone knows, it’s been very difficult to keep our products in stock. The demand has been off the charts and quite frankly, it’s become very hard to keep up.

One of the solutions to this problem was to start looking not only for a distributor, but someone who we could trust to handle the logistics once the products get to the US. As cheesy as it is, we wanted whatever company we chose to share the same values and excitement for the industry while also being a well respected brand.

That said, I’d like to announce that we have extended the distribution rights to our brand to Z-Wave Products (zwaveproducts.com). These guys have been around since 2006 and were ahead of their time with the ZLink brand. But what I like the most about them is their experience and excitement around home automation.

Part of every production run we sell will go to ZWP, so if we run out of stock (as per the norm), feel free to visit their site as they likely have a limited supply.

Any questions, I’m happy to answer!


That’s not cheesy. Your values and the importance you place on them is a key part of what makes Inovelli such a great company. You shouldn’t need to apologize for it.