Z-Wave Smart Bulbs Packaging

Hot off the press, check it out!


Tunable White:

Nice work @Brianna_Inovelli – they turned out great!

@MrBond – I know you like these haha :slight_smile:


The RGBW packaging is my personal favorite. Although after making over 40 drafts, they all hold a special place in my heart :joy:


Well I have to say Brianna did an amazing job! So what does the 10 pack look like…

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Excellent looking packaging!!

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So floods are coming next?

That brings me to another idea… If you haven’t already thought of something like this:


My wife strongly dislikes the traditional flood light shape and prefers rectangular. You could make them RGBW, Dimmable and bulbs could be replaceable.

@MrBond the 10 packs will look as boring and dull as they should be. :wink:

Honestly though we haven’t designed it yet. What are your thoughts on it?

Simple plain box with a label based on Brianna’s design. A little extravagance is allowed!


Perfect! @Brianna_Inovelli and @Eric_Inovelli will be so happy.

Can’t wait for you to see it!

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Couldn’t agree more! Careful with those good ideas or they’ll ask you to take my job :joy:

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They look amazing! Great work @Brianna_Inovelli :slight_smile:

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Quick question, Will these be intended for indoor, outdoor or both? :smile:

They are intended for indoor use, however we’re checking with our manufacturer to see if they can be used in outdoor fixtures!

Thanks Brianna! Hopefully they can at least be used outdoors in an enclosure. ETA? In time for Christmas displays??? :wink:

I can tell you that you’ll definitely be able to use these bad boys in your house for Christmas! I’m planning on matching mine to whatever tree theme we end up doing! What about you?

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Well my plan, if I can install these puppies outside in my enclosed light fixtures, is to match the colored lights we hang from the gutters (RGB&Y). Kind of psyched for next Halloween too (Orange and Purple)!

You didn’t hear it from me but you might be able to see them in orange and purple!