Z wave switch on a GFCI protected circuit

Hi Everybody,

This is my first post on this site. I “need” a new z-wave switch. However, this switch will be on a GFCI protected circuit. I see a few people reporting GE z-wave switch tripping a GFCI circuit because it uses power from the circuit. Any reports related to switches from Inovelli??


I dont think that would cause any problems. The switch uses power from the circuit, but the power is still flowing properly. I believe GFCI just monitors the circuit to make sure the connection goes from Line to Neutral. As long as power is flowing correctly and eventually getting back to the neutral everything should be fine.

Line -> Switch -> Lightbulb (load) -> Neutral = OK
Line -> Switch -> Lightbulb (load) -> Ground = Bad (GFCI should trip)
Line -> Switch -> Lightbulb (load) -> Human = Bad (GFCI should trip)

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