Zigbee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series)

Could I get on that separate list for emails? I haven’t gotten them either. My forum email works too. Thanks Eric!

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I also have not been getting the emails, and my forum email would work too. But maybe you could just post any emailed preorder updates to this thread too so that everyone doesn’t need to message individually.

Looking forward to the switches!


+1 on this. Can my forum email be added to the list? I have a preorder but never received any email announcements in the past.

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Same for me, I have a preorder in but haven’t received an email. I keep coming to this page to get an update. My forum email works great :slight_smile:

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Everyone who wants an email…maybe just message @Eric_Inovelli separately. This thread is getting clogged up with “please add me to the email list” messages.


Everyone who isn’t receiving an email, feel free to comment on this thread and I’ll add you to my list. Sorry again for the issue. Someday we’ll get ahold of technology over here!

@ddlovely108, @xiaoqiao, @diosdog, @pottle.blake, @smenzer, @Glenn and @travis.mara – I got you guys added!

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@Eric_Inovelli - Don’t forget Adam @maroon5

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He’s already in our DM’s. Dude loves the switches.

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and yet the UL didn’t find that the switches were unbelievably hot. Strange. :wink:

One request here. Please make sure that the revised version, whenever it comes out, has a distinct model number even it it has the same marketing name. Product revisions that cannot be told from that is shown on the box cause a lot of headache for consumers.

Also please consider reserving a distinct model number for the thread flashed versions of MG21s, even if the hardware is otherwise 100% identical. Why? If you ever ship any pre-flashed like this, you will likely need to supply a slightly different manual, to account for any thread related pairing differences, etc. If you are re-flashing devices anyway, applying an industry standard overlay sticker on the device and box is not that much additional work. The upside is then that anybody receiving a new-in-box switch can be 100% sure of what it will support out of the box.

The main downside of this is that user upgraded/downgraded devices would have a printed model number that does not match the effective model, but that is pretty normal for user-modified devices.

To be clear though, I’m less concerned about this scenario that the one where a different chip is being used. If thread and ZigBee versions for MG21s units have the same model number that is potentially confusing, but not a huge deal. On the other hand if MG21s and MG24 or Nordics have the same model number that is obviously very painfully confusing.


Geez, talk about cutting it close lol.

Yeah that’s a great call-out. We definitely will have some distinction. Probably the easiest is a different SKU #. Great suggestion!

Definitely something we’ll do, thanks for the suggestion!


Hate to be that guy but just wanted to check and see if there are any updates on the shipping of preorders?:grin:


No update unfortunately, but let me boost some morale around here bc I know everyone is getting antsy (including me).

We received a very very small amount of production orders (I had them send it to me before the rest were finished so I could check the quality and also use for samples for B2B) so let me get some in the communities hands by playing a fun game.

I’ll ask 4 questions (one fun fact about each of the employees here) and if you answer it correctly, I’ll send out a free switch on me.

So, I’ll ask one question, and you all can guess until someone gets it right. Then I’ll move onto the next one. One answer per person per day.

Question #1 - What was the first smart home product I purchased (Eric H)? Name Brand and type (ie: GE Smart Switch, Innr Smart Bulb, etc).

NOTE: After each day I will move the question and answer to a separate thread as I know this one will get clogged up fast. I’m keeping it here for now bc lots of ppl are following it and I want to give them a chance.


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Tell customs I’m coming over to port to get these switches moving whether they like it or not, otherwise my wife might make me put in dumb switches :rofl:


Quick update: Customs has sent the product back to China bc they said the technology was too advanced to bring to the US/Canada and that we’ll have to wait a few years for other companies to catch up.

Kidding, we cleared customs!

It’s now enroute to NJ. I’ll have more info once it starts shipping :slight_smile:



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Quick update: Customs has sent the product back to China…

Not gonna lie my breath caught for a brief moment there… :sweat_smile: