Zigbee Fan Canopy Module | Project Cheryl

This is great news! I just went through removing the last bits of my Insteon system that I kept because of my canopy fan module and went through a LOT of researching trying to find a replacement and landed on a Sonoff iFan04 that I then flashed with ESPHome, but I would much rather have had this Zigbee module instead since the Sonoff, while it works, isn’t a perfect replacement for a device that was amazing for many years.

Anxious for this to get to production!

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Does the remote still works after you flash it to esphome ?

Mine didn’t come with one but I’ve read in the forums that you can get it to work with some ESPHome coding, but I have not had a need to try.

For me I never needed a remote because my house is 100% voice controlled or automated for the past 10 years, so my fan comes on when it’s needed without any interaction from me and if I want it or the light I can just “Hey Siri” my way to happiness.

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Holy cow look at all those badges! Over-achiever much? :joy:

Hi, I’m new here. I hope I’m in the right place. I’m looking into a smart switch for my ceiling fan and lights. It’s currently setup with two simple wall switches, one for lights, one for ceiling fan.

From what I see, y’all only make single gang switches. I don’t currently have any smart switches, I’m a little apprehensive about losing functionality if the internet goes down.

So, what if one switch was a smart switch to do all of the smart switch stuff, and the other is a dumb switch that can bypass the smart one and power the fan/light directly. Is that possible? Is it a good idea? If not, why not?


Your wiring supports what you’re asking for with no extra complexity requred. You need a Project Zephyr fan switch (ZigBee Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series)) and a Blue switch to control the lights. If your network / hub is offline, everything works as normal.

You could accomplish the same with a canopy module (Project Cheryl, this thread) if it’s communicating with the switch/scene controller (Project Walt) via zigbee binding (aka if the network is down, the two devices still communicate directly with one another) , but I can’t think of any reason to do that when the basic setup covers your bases.


First of all, what @MarkTr322 said ^^^

The three most popular hubs for users here, SmartThings, Hubitat and Home Assistant all communicate locally. So any automations will run unless there is some cloud based element to them. (Not sure about the Echo.) Additionally, the switches work like regular switches anyway, so you can operate the fan and light without the Internet.

Since the smart switches work just fine without the Internet, there is no need to do the bypass you described. Just press the paddle on the switch and it will work fine, Internet or not.


I can personally speak for SmartThings and local processing. My Internet was down for most of the day today, and while controlling devices via Alexa or the SmartThings app were impacted - all my automations that were capable of running locally on my ST hub and all my buttons and remotes still worked to control my switches (all Blue series). And as @Bry mentioned, the switches always still worked without the Internet.

The Internet being down for me was more impactful to me working from home than it was for any of my smart devices because attending Zoom meetings via a hotspot is not a good experience!

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hi all, new here, not to inovelli though, been using this stuff for a while now…I’d wanted the LZW36 and have been following it’s replacement project(s) for a brief moment now…

I was looking at the pictures of Walt and the old LZW36, and, as opposed to combining two buttons horizontally, I was thinking why not instead, combine two buttons vertically? Maybe even combining the light-pipe into the two LEDs beneath, even if not a true light bar…you could easily fake the effect by dimming/brightening the LEDs from top to bottom.


I’ve had 4 of the old maestro Fan/Light w/IR-remote controllers in my house for a while now, they look kinda similar to this, and the lzw36, but they’ve been discontinued since 2019. I have since realized after reading through this thread, they’re almost an oddity, like, insanely feature packed for what they were, 7 fan speeds, fully dimmable w/trim adjustments, 2-wire w/canopy module, its like, every box was checked, except smart control, the two-way status aspect.

It’s been tempting to just IR control them with esphome or the like, but I have a new fan on the way for one of my rooms, and the whole AC vs DC fan debate was had, and I even debated just RF controlling a DC fan, but, that’s almost no different than the existing maestro IR setup I have now, and I really don’t want to be stuck permanently into yet another “dumb” solution, rather go with an AC fan and have the option to make it properly smart with a 3rd party module.

I dug into some of the “hack” solutions - almost all of them involve a product that isn’t UL/ETL certified. I have a pair of DS03’s sitting on my desk I just flashed with openbk, mostly as a “to see if i can”, until the canopy module/walt/etc is here, I still have the maestro IR as well, of course.

My new fan has a dimmable LED module that doesn’t have a bulb option (unfortunately), so my plan is for this canopy module to find it’s way there eventually. My fan downstairs actually has separate wires for light/fan, and removable bulbs, so it might end up with a zephyr instead, but we’ll see.

i will say, local control is a huge aspect of this for me, and not all platforms are equal when it comes to how hard they push for it, and for what devices/automations they fully support it for. I’ve moved to HA from one of the more proprietary platforms, and never looked back, for that very reason.


Man, you nailed it. I love the design.

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Man I am so excited for this option. This has been a long time needed and if the switch posted above become available with it and they can pair together without the need of being wired to each other let alone on the same circuit this will solve so many issues friends and family have. Cant wait to see what happens. Keep up the great work team.

That’s a great idea. It makes a lot of sense and fits in better with the overall Inovelli aesthetic IMO. Hopefully, this is something that is possible.

It would even make sense to use your idea for the 2-button configuration. So you have two “light bars” for notifications.

I know it’s late, but many newer fans have dual lights (upper and lower). Would be great if there were two switchable light outputs


I will also agree with what Xero said, as when I was told about Cheryl and Walt, my first thought was that I will keep my current LZW36’s and get the new canopy module and do some automations in the background to get the LZW36 to control the canopy.

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I freaking love this design. I’ve been struggling to come up with something that mimics the old switch while staying within the hardware design (where the paddles touch the PCB) as I wanted a way to add the rockers, but I think this works great.

I just sent this onto the manufacturer, but I don’t see how we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Nice work!


Oh man - this would work great for my curtain / blind control idea as well! Especially if the left buttons can still be independent of the right ones

Sign me up for that configuration - left button turns fan/light on/off, with the up/down arrows controlling speed/brightness - yes please! :smiley:

Project Update:

The manufacturer is shipping the beta samples in one week!

That being said, there are some slots open for beta testing.

Here are the requirements for this project:

  • You need to have a ceiling fan with a separate light attached to it
  • Smart hub that supports Zigbee
  • Sign an NDA

There are a couple of scenarios that we’d like to test for:

  1. Putting either a 2-1 or a Fan Switch in Smart Bulb/Fan Mode and use Zigbee Bindings from the switch to canopy (either have the paddle bind directly to the light or the fan and use the config button to change speed/dim)
  2. Using the canopy module on its own without a switch

If you’re interested in beta testing, please like this post and I will reach out to you to ask some follow up questions!

Side note, I think I will be opening this up for pre-orders sooner rather than later as this seems to be moving along rapidly.


This design is great and would provide similar functionality to the existing Fan/Light switch. One suggestion - move the up/down buttons to the left side with the LED bars on the right so that it more closely matches other Inovelli switches.


Yeah for sure - I think based on the design of the button switch you could choose either since the switch is a modular design with LED’s on both sides :slight_smile:

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