Zigbee Fan Canopy Module | Project Cheryl

Unrelated to the above, but thinking about modules makes me think of dimmer modules for lighting. Basically take a blue dimmer, remove the buttons, led bar and make it small enough to stick in a junction box out of the way. Something similar to the Zooz relay modules, but with dimmers inside.

There’s a few places where doing that and replacing the switch with a bound scene controller would get me power in the ceiling for other things that need it without running a new wire.

Yeah good call – this is what I get for using pictures of wires I found online lol.

Nice, I didn’t even realize that – I just took a picture of some wires online and added them to the module. I should’ve read closer. I think we can remove the L (it’s also confusing because those not familiar with wiring may also think it stands for Line).

Here’s the updated mockup:

Much better…just need a GIF to show the LED illuminated :slight_smile:

Here you go lol



I love this! I have, for the time being, crammed the leviton z-wave fan controller/switch into my fan canopies so I can control the speeds of my fans. This will be a great replacement for them and zigbee to top it off!

How many fan speeds will there be for this module? I have noticed on my 3 speed (slow, med, fast) hunter fans that the medium speed on the pull chain is not fast enough, but the fast speed is too fast. The leviton switches broke it into 4 speeds and seems to be ideal for us.

Yayessss! So happy you are developing this product! Agree with the feedback thus far. Please say more about the switch solution(s). Really liked the prior dual switch and LED solution…


It will work with Project Walt as the switch: Zigbee Button Controller + Dimmer Switch | Project Walt

Will it fit into a into a single wall box? I have a fan on a 20 foot high ceiling. All the necessary wiring is in the wall box. If this will fit in a single box it may solve the height issue for a lot of people.

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Well, it doesn’t exist yet. However, the target size is 2.1” x 3.0” x 1.0”. If that size is met, that should fit into a single gang wall box, but that will be tight. But the module should be mounted at the fan, so it will typically be installed in a round ceiling box. If that box is a standard depth fan box (i.e. not a pancake) it should fit just fine.

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I am fully aware it does not exist at this time. And I am aware that remote fan controllers are meant to be installed at the hanging point of the ceiling fan. That is the entire reason for its shape. Eric and I had this discussion a few years ago but then we have had so many discussions he has most likely forgotten most of them. Eric and I go back to his days as a cereal taster at a small startup.

Those were the fun days, the pioneer days, back when Eric was getting 4 hours sleep a night. HI, @Eric_Inovelli The answer is 2074. And it has not moved all week.

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So I have the LZW-36 installed on my fan, and lost my reverse functionality. Everything else works with the LZW-36 module. Its reversing was done from the remote/old module, not a side switch. Model is MinkaAire F516L. ( I have had zero issues with my LZW-36, knock on wood).

Also, Im in the, I don’t want to buy this in Zigbee, only Zwave camp.

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Excited to track this one. I’ll need to check my devices to confirm compatibility but this would be a day 1 pre-order from me!

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Hello, would these be able to be flashed with matter and thread?

I’m particularly excited for this now that I’ve been waiting a couple years for anything even vaguely similar to the LZW36 or the discontinued, finicky Hampton Bay Zigbee module.

One thing I did like about the LZW36 was the wall control unit – or at least I did because I never had connection problems with it, ha. I understand a Zigbee button controller like Project Walt could be bound to this (though not all hubs make binding easy). Hopefully there will be pre-etched fan/light buttons so it is as nice-looking and intuitive as before? Of course, with a hub, you can use pretty much any button device or automation of any kind, but there’s something nice about having practically fail-safe wall control.

I’m also shocked by the aggressive timeline, but really any time before next summer seems great. :smiley:

I like that this one is named after your mom and the controller is named after your dad.

There’s something about telling someone what to do buried in this :wink:

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We asked for 3 speeds, but now you have me curious.

Admittedly, this is where I always get confused from an engineering standpoint but I thought the fan motors are made with three speeds and if you were to put a four speed switch on the fan, it could ruin the fan. I honestly don’t know though.

Maybe someone can clarify for me!

Can you send me a link to the Leviton one? I’d love to use it as a reference point.

Yeah certainly!

It technically could work with any of our Gen 2 and Gen 3 switches via scene control (you could use the paddle for lights and the config for fan speed) but the goal would be for it to work with Project Walt which @rohan linked to. I’m brainstorming ideas on how to duplicate the prior Fan/Light switch design bc I liked that design as well. More to come!

Nah c’mon, give me some credit - I’m as sharp as a whip!

How did you accomplish this? I’m 99.9% sure this was not an option on the LZW36 bc I remember talking to the engineers about it and they said it would likely require another wire on the canopy and you’d have to splice it to the toggle on the fan. But I could be wrong. It’s been a while!

Oh, when you say you lost the functionality, did you mean you lost it when you installed the LZW36 bc it’s not available on the LZW36? I think I understand now, sorry for the mixup.

Potentially - it will have the MG24 on it so I don’t see why not.

But I think the major issue we’ll face is there is no way to bind a smart switch to the canopy module with Matter 1) because we don’t have a matter switch and 2) Matter doesn’t support it (I’ll have to look to see if Thread has something

In addition, multi-taps aren’t supported with Matter so it leaves us in a pickle on what to do to connect the canopy with a switch.

Yeah agree - I think what we’re settling on is the paddle will be blank, but we’ll etch whatever you want on it before shipping. Or maybe what we can do is have the fan/light paddle pre-made with the fan and light etched on it like the LZW36 did and you can order that one separately to put on Project Walt.

What would you prefer?

Lol yeah - figured they were married for a long time before each passed, now they can be “bound” together via Zigbee :slight_smile:


I’d like to throw in a vote for 7 fan speeds. I have an older Leviton module that has 7 which I think is a touch overkill, but it sure is nice to be able to get the fan speed just right. It allows for several low speeds that are nearly silent.

If there is a wall controller that has both buttons in one switch, that would be ideal.

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@Bry can correct me if I am mistaken but I’m pretty sure a ground wire serves no purpose here since there is no metal case or internal metal frame to connect it to

Is it an AC or DC fan? Typically AC fans only have 3 speeds. This module only supports AC fans.

I think that’s generally correct, although I’m not intimately familiar with UL or ETL standards. Typically, fully enclosed in plastic devices won’t have a ground. If the device is considered an appliance (and I’m not sure if it is), it will be double-insulated.