ZigBee Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series)

It’s pretty straightforward. In the switch box, you will take the hot attached to the dumb
switch and move it to the line terminal of the new switch. You will use a pigtail to the neutral bundle in the box and connect that to the neutral terminal of the new switch. The other probably black wire that was a one the dumb switch will be the load and that will be connected to the load terminal of the new switch.

No, that is actually just a switch. Before you swap the switch out, you will set the fan to its highest speed and then you won’t touch it again.


Can someone confirm that this switch will natively send a button press automatically/natively with single press actions (e.g. both 1 tap up and 1 tap down?)

This is an example of what I am looking for (via logs from my Red dimmer:)


Yes it will do this :slight_smile:


Figured as much, but wanted to double check. Thanks!

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For confirmation as it seems this switch is for fan only and not a fan/light combo?

If so, any thoughts on a combination switch, as all my fans have both.

Yes, that’s correct.

The combination of Project Walt and Project Cheryl give you a combination switch.

The combination of Project Walt and Project Cheryl give you a combination switch.

From what I understand, the combination of Project Walt and Project Cheryl gives you Project Eric :wink:


So now that this switch is about to come out… What sort of ceiling fans will be compatible with it?

If I walk into Home Depot… every ceiling fan they have, also has a built in light; and I also think they all use wireless remotes. The old Z-Wave fan switch also had a canopy box. So I’m confused on how to to use this switch.

I think it depends on the scenario. My plan is to find AC fans and use this switch to control fan speed. The 2n1 to control lights on fan. Some folks don’t have a double gang for wall switches or 14/3 available. Then I would suggest the canopy project combined with another blue series switch for single gang folks.

This switch directly controls the fan without the use of a canopy module. It uses a 2-wire between the switch box and the fan box (or 2 conductors of a 3-wire) to directly connect the two. It does not use a module in the canopy.

For the fan, you will want an AC fan motor that DOES NOT use a remote control. (Although in some cases with an AC fan it is possible to remove the remote control module.) Fans that don’t use a remote control typically have two pull chains, one for the light and one for the fan. Before installing the switch, you set the fan speed to high using the pull chain, and from then on, you use the switch to control the speed and on/off.

This switch is best suited where you have a 3-wire connection between the fan and the switch box, or a 2-wire connection between the fan and the switch box if there is no light/light kit on the fan. Power must originate in the switch box. If your switch box has a 3-wire and the fan has a light, you’ll need a two-gang box, one for this switch and one for the light switch.

I’m in new construction. The builders put in a generic light bulb in the spot where the fan would go. I just need to know what ceiling fan to get. Any recommendations?

I personally use these in my house:

Depuley 60" Ceiling Fan with Light,Indoor Outdoor Wood Ceiling Fan with Remote, Low Profile Fan with 3 Rubber Wood Blades, Noiseless AC Motor Ceiling Fans for Living Room Bedroom Porch, 1/2/4/8 Timer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BGLH27ZD

I really like them. Looks like they jacked the price up, so maybe wait a bit if you want. I think I got it for like $150.

It does come with a canopy and remote, but I just threw them out.

I did have the luxury of wiring it with a 14/3 wire so I could have separate switches (one for the light, one for the fan).

If you want two separate switches, then ask your home builder to wire it with 14/3 and just maybe have them cap off the red traveler wire until you’re ready to install the ceiling fan.

If they wire it normally with a 14/2, then you’ll either have to run another wire up there yourself if you want dual switches, or wait until the canopy module comes out.

Edit: Just reread your response and didn’t pick up the first time that this was already wired new construction. I thought they were still building it.

@Bry has great advice below and clearly knows how to read better than me lol

Hope that makes sense? I can explain in greater detail if you need me to!

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My first question would be did they use fan-rated boxes? You cannot hang a ceiling fan from a light fixture box.

If you do, are there one or two switches for the fan and light? If there are two switches, are they two full size switches? ie Do they take up two gangs?

If you are looking for AC fans with pull chains, a couple places to look would be https://hunterfan.com. Their builder series, and probably others, are AC fans that are compatible. Hunter Fans is presently having a Labor Day sale offering up to 20% off depending upon the quantity of fans that you buy.

You can also check https://build.com and look at some of the Progress Lighting fans.


Yes, the boxes are rated for fans. There is a single switch for the box, as it’s only one light… there is a second switch for the other lights in the room.

Ok, so you have a single switch to control your fan and potentially the fan light. Can you see into the ceiling box? If you can, post a picture. I’m trying to determine if you have a 2-wire or 3-wire (if you’re using Romex) between the switch box and the fan box. Most builders would dedicate two switches for the fan and light. Since you just have one we need to do a bit of inspection.

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I’m thinking of picking a few of these up:

Left switch controls the single light in the center (to be replaced by fan).
Right switch ontrols the four recessed down lights in each corner.

That’ll work! I’d opt for a fan without a light as you have canned lighting for the space. Fan switch will work well.

Ok, I see. With the recessed lighting, you wouldn’t have a light on the fan. The Amazon one you linked is an AC fan and will work with the Blue Fan Switch.

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Thank you