ZigBee Fan Switch | Project Zephyr (Blue Series)

If it gets this product on the market faster with a future proof standard, all for the 2.50 increase.

The ground terminal doesn’t bother me too much — just screw it in at the appropriate length… but the fix is a nice to have and certainly helps.

I find myself spending money on 2.50 dumb switches as placeholders for these :wink:

I’m good with a small price change. Considering I’ve been spending more for other temp smart switches to hold me over til I can get the new fan switch, that small price increase is not a big deal for me.

Are you going to revise the preorder date for these switches. Still says Dec.

Update: Confirmed we will be using MG24 and I’ve been given the green light to open pre-orders. I will do so this afternoon.

Man, I swear I changed that yesterday… I must be going crazy. Either way, I’ll get rid of it in a second to open up the pre-orders.

I’ll now be more active in this thread to keep everyone up to date!


@Eric_Inovelli just a heads up the link to here on the project page is malformed:


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$60 in shipping to canada. That is ridiculous.

So order from AArtec?


Looks like it’s not available yet but i suspect it will be. @Eric_Inovelli

When will they have pre orders?

I would imagine after Inovelli and @rmowles have a chance to discuss. It just got announced today on Inovelli.

What color paddle configuration should I order? I had originally placed an order for the Blue series (light almond) but was told that the color paddles are different for the zigbee switches (I think I’ve confirmed by trying to fit a Red series paddle and it didn’t work) but I don’t see a link on the pre-order page for colors?

Yes please! Just had an email on this today from Eric and once we have pricing in place we can get it set up for pre-orders. Stay tuned!

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Yes, stay tuned and thanks! BTW thanks for tagging me as I wouldn’t have noticed it nearly as quickly


Ordered! Oh, Eric thanks for creating a love hate relationship here!

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How long will pre orders be open for?

@Eric_Inovelli There seems to be a problem with the 5-pack pricing. It shows as $260, but when I go to the next page it magically increases to $285/unit.

Just checkout. The pricing is correct on the 5 pack when you go through the process.

Yeah this is what I get for being cute. Tried a plug-in and it was acting up. It would work if you started the checkout process, but still, very annoying bc it reverted to the normal price initially.

I think I’ve fixed it, so you should be good!

Yeah I just have it set to calculate based on what you order. It’s a formula inside Shopify. I can take a look. How many switches was it?

As @harjms mentioned, I’m working with @rmowles right now to get things setup with them. We definitely recommend ordering direct from Aartech to save on the shipping costs. Hopefully we can get something setup later this week or early next. He’s just waiting on some costs from us. I just told him today so give him a little bit of time :slight_smile:

I have to put this up on the site still – it will be a different paddle than the 2-1 as the air-gap is slightly longer (in depth). I’ll try to get this going tomorrow.

Oh dang, you’re on it lol – I should’ve read further down! Nice!

Haha, any time!

My educated guess based on estimated forecasts would be end of February or beginning of March. I will know more in a few weeks once I get a pulse on the amount of pre-orders. You guys always surprise me with how much you order!


Where is a link to pre order, when I go to products on the main site I don’t see it?

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Get to it from the main page

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