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New here, but is another possible solution (assuming your fan can be controlled with Bond or similar) - would be to put the fan switch into “Smart Bulb Mode” to control your smart lights with the paddle, then fan control by the favorites button (or other multi-tap scene) control sent through Bond?

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Project Update:

We just received notification for the freight forwarder that we should be receiving the switches at our Headquarters on October 10th :slight_smile:

Anyone who has changed addresses since their order, can you please reach out to us so that we can update the mailing labels?


@Eric_Inovelli love to hear it! Thanks for the update. We’ve been looking forward to these switches since we bought our Red Series light switches four years ago! Our zigbee/matter usb stick is installed and ready to go.


Are there plans in the works for a Z-Wave fan controller switch?

Yes, but not until mid to end of next year.

Thanks, that’s good to know! I am moving completely over to Inovelli for our new house as I was really disappointed HomeSeer doesn’t even sell a fan switch anymore with no plans in the future. Until then I’m happy with mostly z-wave, and the ZigBee fan switches where needed.

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This made my day! These fan switches can’t get here fast enough…



My tracking says it will be here tomorrow! :confetti_ball:

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Switches in hand just need to install!

Mine arrived, as well… can’t wait to get these installed. Is there a z2m converter available yet? I don’t see the switch listed in the supported devices page, but that might not be completely up-to-date.

Edit: tagging @nathanfiscus since I believe you’ve been involved with integrating Inovelli’s zigbee stuff into z2m.

@Eric_Inovelli and @EricM_Inovelli I am having issues getting the switch to include on my Hubitat C-8. It shows that it is included but I am not able to control anything. It is set to ceiling fan and single pole. I have reset, deleted, included. It also flashes blue continuously. any suggestion?

Installed one today! Shows up weird in ZHA. ZHA thinks it’s a dimmer instead of a fan. I can turn the fan on and off, but no speed control. It looks like there’s some more stuff that needs to get updated in the zha quirk.

EDIT: I used the button combo to switch it to Ceiling Fan mode (option not available in ZHA gui) and now the brightness control rounds to the nearest fan speed. So everything works, but it presents poorly in ZHA.

Dang, mine arrive tomorrow…

I’m a SmartThings user and the Edge driver should support this fan switch. I’ll find out tomorrow, but hopefully another ST user in this community got theirs today and can post back how it went.

I’m confused. Continuous blue flashing indicates that it is still in Inclusion mode and has not yet been fully included to an existing zigbee network

I have 5 installed and 3 are for ceiling fans. I cannot get the 3 ceiling fans to pick up muli-speed. It keeps defaulting back to On/Off.



@mamber , as am I. I have included it on a C-7. It turns on and off but I can’t get it to go into ceiling fan mode. The C-8 goes through the pairing and can control for about 5 seconds and then nothing.

@fisheromega try holding down on switch paddle while tapping the config three times after you get the confirmation go to the device page and hit initialize and the refresh all.

I don’t have my production units though, but my beta unit with fw 1.04 (same as prod) included on my C-8.

I can also control it. Need to check the driver to see why it isn’t changing to ceiling fan mode.

Edit: While looking into the Hubitat driver you should be able to set the ceiling fan mode via combo button.

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@poptart911 There is a bug in either ZHA or in the quirk that we are trying to work through. There are workarounds for changing settings like combo buttons or cluster configuration: Blue Series Fan Switch • Setup Instructions • Home Assistant - ZHA | Inovelli Help Center

We are still working on merging the fan converter into the manufacturer file for Z2M. It is essentially done it just needs testing since it has the possibility of causing problems with the 2-1. For now there is an external converter available.
Blue Series Fan Switch • Setup Instructions • Zigbee2MQTT | Inovelli Help Center


@EricM_Inovelli, that’s the thing I get it to pair and I can only control it for about 5 seconds (on C-8) and then I no longer have control. I have it temp on my C-7 (and have control) until i fully understand if it is me or equipment. Not sure where to even start now.


They add just fine with Scan Nearby. The Edge driver supports them just fine. The settings are under the Settings menu clearly defined.

It’ll take you about 2 minutes to set up. :slight_smile:

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