Zigbee pairing with Jandy Aqualink Pool Automation

Unable to pair 2-1 blue switch with my zigbee aqualink automated pool system lighting by Jandy. This is a no neutral wire configuration. The switch works brilliantly when manually turning light on and off however it will not pair so unable to use the app feature for the light. Not a proximity issue as other zigbee products pair/discover immediately. Have tried repeatedly to pair/reset, etc — will not discover and times out after a couple minutes every time. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

What do you mean by pair? What hub are you using? Or is this pool lighting thing a hub itself?

I’m unaware of any pool controller that has a built-in zigbee hub. And searching through Jandy’s lineup I don’t see any mention of Zigbee anywhere.

Now assuming an iAqualink hub with zigbee control capabilities does exist, I can confindently say that it was not part of the testing platform for the 2-1. And being a closed-source system, it would be up to Jandy to write the code to support the switch on their hub, which they are unlikely to do since pool companies are notorious for not supporting third party hardware in their closed ecosystems.

My recommendation here would be to setup Home Assistant with the iAqualink integration. You’d pair your 2-1 switch to Home Assistant using either ZHA or zigbee2mqtt. From there you’d have to write an automation for when the switch turns on it controls the lights from your iAqualink system.