Zwave association works for On/Off but not dimming

Hello! I recently purchased two zwave on/off/dimmable zwave switches. I set the zwave association in order to allow the master switch to control the slave switch. I have associated channels 2 and 4 on both switches. This seems to keep them in sync but the documentation states that this should only be done on the master switch. Is there a reason this will be a problem?

You need to do channel 3 also for dimming level.

I am not 100% sure but I think 3 and 4 covers both on/off and dimming.

Both directions is necessary if you want the aux to control the master.

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Group 2 is for on/off commands
Group 3 is for Set Level commands
Group 4 is for start/stop level change up/down commands

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I am also having association issues. (See I’m hoping that this is something @EricM_Inovelli can find some time to look into at some point soon.

I am testing this and looking at the zniffer logs. It seems the bulb is receiving the commands to dim, but it is not responding. I tested another VZW31-SN and an LZW31-SN and they are responding fine. The bulb does not seem to process the SwitchMultilevel v4 command even though it should be backwards compatible. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to get the bulb to respond. There may be different results if they are both using S0 security, but my gut tells me that it wouldn’t.

Depending on the hub and network (if it is not cloud based) scene control may be quick enough though.