Zwave GU10 RGBW bulbs

We have many can lights in our basement rec room/bar ceiling.

Currently, they have ‘dumb’ white GU10 LEDs that are dimmable only. I installed the cans in “zones” of 3-4 lights grouped within each zone being controlled by it’s own switch, so each group of lights can be dimmed at different levels. At the moment, the switches are simple ‘dumb’ dimmers. I am hoping someone creates z-wave GU10 RGBW dimmable LEDs that are controllable/compatible with the LZW31-SN switches. So far, I can find GU10 RGBW dimmable LEDs, but they either require an RF remote or are ridiculously expensive WiFi bulbs that require they’re own app.


Ooo, I could really use a couple dozen of these.

The only one that comes close that I can think of is Gledopto ones like these but they are Zigbee instead of ZWave so not directly compatible - you could link them via a hub that could control both technologies like openhab or home assistant. I would love it if Inovelli came out with a GU10 version of their bulb, i’d probably get at least a half dozen right away

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