Zwave js association to lzw42

I’m trying to associate a switch to a lzw42. On the bulb I don’t see any association groups other than lifeline. When i try to associate the switch to the bulb I select on/off and the bulb. Then a new field labeled Endpoint appears. I’m guessing the association configuration is missing on the lzw42? Both devices are pair insecure.

As I suspected:

The bulb does not have multiple association groups because it is not able to control other devices (it is only controlled by other devices)

You should be able to leave the endpoint blank too because the bulb does not have them (endpoints are used for devices that have multiple controls, like the fan/light combo, or an outlet strip with multiple controllable outlets)

Yep you are associating FROM the switch TO the bulb, not the opposite.

Man jt you are on it this morning!

I’ll try it again but already tried associating the switch to the bulb with the endpoint blank

I forgot to mention in getting to use a zen 34 battery powered switch. Seems like the issue is with the switch config?

Not an expert in zwave js (just upgraded last week) but I don’t think direct associations are supported yet in the UI. At least I don’t see that option anywhere yet. It seems to honor the associations I made when I was still using the deprecated zwave integration so maybe there is a way to do it outside of the UI. Anyone know?

It looks like this is on the integration roadmap but I don’t know how long that will take or what priority it has: “UI for managing node associations”

Associations work fine with my lzw31-sn and lzw30-sn. Something with the zen34 config must need fixing. I noticed it defines a default association on the lifeline while the inovelli switches do not.

I see. I don’t see that option anywhere in the UI for lzw31-sn but I’m using Home Assistant with the Z-Wave JS supervisor addon & the Z-Wave JS integration. Maybe you are using something else. I have a ZEN34 remote that I was planning to pair with LZW42 so let me know if you figure it out :slight_smile:

I’m using zwavejs2mqtt. This is a lzw31-sn

After you set up the associations on the switch, are you pressing the up button 7x? Since that is a battery powered device, the hub cannot send updates until the switch wakes up


Genius! I completely missed that in the documentation.